Delta | JFK T4 (PERCH Horizontal)

Perch teamed up with MKG and Delta Air Lines to create a 3D interactive model of the newly renovated Terminal 4 (T4) at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). In advance of the terminal opening in May 2013, Delta and MKG opened a temporary space in SoHo called “T4X” to showcase the exciting new features of JFK T4 in a fun, experiential way – with a little help from PERCH.

The Delta PERCH display enables consumers to interact with the new Delta terminal. As a guest approaches the Delta PERCH, Instagram photos of the ongoing T4 construction are displayed. When the guest reaches the table, the photos scatter to reveal an interactive map built around a 3D model of JFK Terminal 4.

The interactive 3D map presents guests with red hot-spot buttons that when pressed, reveal information, images and video pertaining to specific T4 features. Additionally, PERCH highlights the locations of these features on the 3D model. Animated planes pulling up to and from the 3D model keep guests smiling and draw the attention of onlookers nearby.