How can my company work with Perch Interactive?
Whether you’re a brand, retailer, agency or events company, we can provide a solution to suit your needs. Please contact us for information on how you can begin working with our products. To see Perch in action at our New York showroom, please email us and we’ll set up a time for you to stop by for a demo.

What types of user interactions does PERCH recognize?
PERCH responds to the following interactions:

  • touching products
  • picking up products
  • returning products
  • touching the table surface
  • approaching the display

How many people can use PERCH at the same time?
Yes. The PERCH sensors can sense multiple users at the same time. The reaction to multiple touch inputs will depend upon design of the display.

What size is the PERCH display area?
PERCH tables can vary in size from 30” x 20” to 60” x 36”. The recommended table size is 48” x 30”, the size shown in most photos. PERCH displays can be tiled to create a larger display area.

How much does PERCH cost?
PERCH units are available for purchase or on a rental basis. In addition to the hardware cost, design and development fees will be invoiced on an hourly basis for the work required to create a custom PERCH. Please email info [at] perchinteractive [dot] com to learn more about PERCH pricing.


Can PERCH graphics and media be customized?
Absolutely! We can design new graphics just for your PERCH or incorporate graphics that you may already have. PERCH media and content may include:

  • product descriptions and technical specs
  • product reviews and star ratings
  • twitter feeds and website data
  • dynamic graphics and animations
  • product demonstration and how-to videos
  • product spotlights and lighting effects
  • music, sound effects and narrative audio
  • related product information and photos
  • store navigation details

What file formats are supported by the PERCH platform?
PERCH supports standard file formats:

  • JPEG, PNG and TIFF images
  • MP3, WAV, and AIFF audio
  • MP4 and QuickTime-compatible video
  • Unicode Text (Non-Roman Character Support)

Can social media be incorporated into a PERCH display?
Social media including Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can all be incorporated into a PERCH display. Here are some examples of how this can be done:

  • Twitter hashtags: PERCH can display tweets associated with a given hashtag or set of hashtags. The tweets can be displayed in and around the products on display or could even appear when you pick up a product. If the design is featuring tweets, the hashtag should be displayed on the table
  • Instagram + Pinterest images: PERCH can display Instagram photos or Pinterest graphics associated with a given hashtag
  • PERCH display tweets: The PERCH display itself can be a source of tweets, based on user interactions. One example of that is the PERCH display at STORY, where we turned the table into a giant virtual finger-painting surface. Guests mini-masterpiece was captured by the system and tweeted for the world to see. For this to work, there has to be some kind of creative contribution from the user.


How bright is the Perch projector?
PERCH utilizes a field-tested 3,000 lumen projector with a native resolution of 1280 x 800. The projector features an LED-based lamp that lasts over 20,000 hours so that the bulb never requires changing.

What are the environmental lighting requirements for PERCH?
PERCH generally creates a brilliant colorful display in normal indoor lighting conditions. It’s best to position PERCH at least 10ft away from windows that receive direct sunlight, and any directional lights in store should be aimed away from the PERCH display. Our team can run a test in the planned location to check whether PERCH works with the existing lighting, or whether adjustments will be required.

Does the projector bulb need changing?
No. Perch uses a modern bulb-less projector that will never require a bulb change. This makes maintenance a breeze. The built-in light source is designed to last 20,000 hours, which means it will last almost five years running at 12 hours per day.

If you have additional questions, please email info [at] perchinteractive [dot] com and we will be in touch!