A revolutionary interactive technology for retail

PERCH unites physical products with digital content to engage shoppers and analyze their behavior


PERCH merges digital & physical to meet
the needs of modern brands and retailers


PERCH acts as a dynamic product spotlight, grabbing customers’ attention with animation,
sound, and rich media while educating and entertaining them with curated content.

PERCH is a powerful platform for learning more about your customer with real time analytics.
Additionally the platform allows you to collect consumer data and A/B test new campaigns.

PERCH allows you to easily update campaigns
across all of your stores via the cloud.
Leverage existing digital content to maintain consistency from online to on shelf.



How PERCH works


PERCH provides an all-in-one solution


Our variety of form factors offer endless
possibilities for store integration.

Our content services leverage existing marketing 
materials to create a unique in store experience.

Our cloud platform allows for direct access
to analytics and quick content distribution.


PERCH analytics delivers unique insight
into your customer behavior


Track the number of customers who have interacted with every PERCH display each day.

See the total number of times that each
product has been picked up.

Measure engagement time per customer
(in seconds) across all stores.


PERCH works