A revolutionary interactive technology for retail

PERCH is a natural extension of the shopping experience.
As customers touch and pick up products, PERCH places experiential media right at the moment
when they are most engaged with the product. PERCH extends digital media into the store,
making physical displays captivating, playful and immersive.

Amplify your sales with three simple steps:



PERCH acts as a dynamic product spotlight, grabbing customers’ attention from across the
store with animations, sound, and rich,
experiential media.


PERCH brings a sense of wonder to brick and mortar by pairing products with compelling visuals and brand messaging. The result is an immersive experience resulting in increased dwell time
and conversion.  



PERCH is a powerful platform for increasing customer learning, at the point
of product contactthe moment of greatest
consumer engagement.


PERCH's media-rich displays drive sales and transform the way people connect with the in-store experience. PERCH dramatically increases dwell times and sell-through rates, while simultaneously educating customers about campaigns and products.

Leverage your current campaign content in store


PERCH makes in-store activation of campaigns a simple process.
Refresh content quickly and easily with the PERCH Cloud at any time.
PERCH plays an essential role in your omnichannel marketing strategy,
seamlessly connecting the digital and the physical.


Track every interaction


PERCH tracks when shoppers approach the display and interact with products.
PERCH's cloud-based analytics platform provides extensive data previously unavailable to brands
and retailers. This data offers a unique and powerful perspective into shopper behavior and
the effect of in-store media. 


Rise above the competition


PERCH is partnering with the most influential brands and retailers. 
Recent partners include:



Let’s revolutionize the in-store experience.