PERCH, the leader in interactive retail experience, is seeking a Senior Software Developer with experience developing robust backend systems to work full time at our office in Downtown Manhattan. Specifically, we are looking for someone to help build out the PERCH Cloud, our proprietary content distribution and shopper analytics platform. In addition to working on the PERCH Cloud, you will be working on the PERCH Client software that runs on the PERCH Displays and connects to the PERCH Cloud.


  • Lead development of PERCH Cloud Software 
  • Work closely with Founder and Software Development team
  • Maintain and add to PERCH internal libraries
  • Develop and document API for third parties
  • Manage software versioning and bug tracking


  • Strong understanding of Database development
  • Strong understanding of Content Management systems
  • Strong understanding of realtime Analytics storage and processing
  • Good understanding of Ruby on Rails (our current platform, this may change)
  • Good understanding of AWS (specifically S3)
  • Good understanding of JavaScript and Nodejs
  • Good understanding of WebSockets
  • Familiarity with Python and Shell scripting
  • Familiarity with Photoshop and Adobe tools


  • Bachelors Degree (Masters Preferred)
  • 5+ years of Backend Software Development Experience

If you are interested in applying for the Senior Developer position, please email your resumé along with either a digital portfolio or links to relevant projects to


PERCH is a startup intent on revolutionizing retail by transforming the way shoppers experience products in store. By seamlessly integrating the digital into the physical, the PERCH platform enables brands and retailers to create impactful product displays that attract, engage and inform. For more information about PERCH, please visit