KATE SPADE: #TravelColorfully

Bringing social media to life in the stores


Business Context: Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Kate Spade was one of the first brands in fashion to build an active presence on all social media platforms, As its online presence grew, the company geared up to take on the next challenge - integrating its social media efforts with its retail experience. For its omni-channel marketing strategy to succeed, Kate Spade needed to craft medium-specific yet consistent messaging across all channels through which customers interacted with the brand.



For kate spade new york, 2014 was all about "places to go, people to see." Drawing inspirations from around the world, the brand released a new destination collection each month. March was about the charming island life of Capri. May, on the other side of the Equator, was about the vibrant sights and sounds of Rio. The theme permeated all marketing efforts, from the brand's website design, to Pinterest boards, to ads in print publications. Of course, no modern adventure is complete without social media fun. To engage customers online, kate spade asked them to share how they #travelcolorfully on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Left: kate spade new york home page. Top center: Facebook. Top right: Instagram. Bottom center: Twitter. Bottom right: Travel and Leisure, June 2014.

Left: kate spade new york home page. Top center: Facebook. Top right: Instagram. Bottom center: Twitter. Bottom right: Travel and Leisure, June 2014.


As Kate Spade's CMO Mary Beech said, "Our stores are great expressions of the brand. But we were looking for an opportunity to bring content to life." To accomplish that, PERCH and kate spade set the following objectives for the partnership:

  • Extend the #travelcolorfully campaign to participating kate spade new york locations
  • Draw attention to each month's featured #travelcolorfully products
  • Layer a fun, interactive digital element onto the shopping experience
  • Deepen relationships with existing customers
  • Engage and inspire new customers


PERCH Solution

Design Integration

Using content provided by kate spade new york, PERCH executed the display in ten stores in the U.S. and U.K. The PERCH Horizontal was the perfect landscape to project the #travelcolorfully adventure. The media display was the quintessential expression of the brand's distinctive, playful charm, drawing in curious customers and beckoning them to interact with products.

Customer Interaction

When PERCH sensed customers touching and picking up the products, it rewarded them to store-exclusive content, surprised them with games, and inspired them with looks from the collection. For April's Monaco-themed collection, the "lookbook" came in the form of a slot machine that mixed-and-matched outfits for customers. Beyond engaging and informing customers, the PERCH display transported them to exotic locations all over the world via a real time Instagram feed of photos tagged #travelcolorfully.

Analytics & Content Management

One of the most valuable benefits of PERCH is the customer interaction data it collects. Using data such as how many times customers picked up a particular product, kate spade was able to make much more informed decisions when curating products for the next collection's display.

Every four weeks, when it was time to unveil the next destination collection, PERCH refreshed the content remotely from PERCH Cloud, The new content was simultaneously pushed to all participating stores. Once PERCH updated the content, the stores simply changed out the products for display. In all, PERCH crafted interactive experiences for eight #travelcolorfully collections.


The PERCH installations created buzz in physical and digital spaces. In stores, customers gravitated towards the PERCH displays and interacted with the products they featured. Not surprisingly, the stores saw "a higher sell-through for products on the table," reported CMO Mary Beech. Online, the installations were discussed by bloggers and covered by media outlets such as WWD and Racked.