Lenovo: Flex 3 Series

Helping customers visualize the functional difference

Business Context: The Highly Competitive Convertible Laptop Segment

Convertibles, or hybrids are laptops that can be used in multiple positions, i.e. laptop (standard), tablet, etc. As convertibles became more affordable, their popularity soared. In 2015, Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory firm, released a report calling convertibles the fastest growing segment of the mobile PC market, projecting a 77% increase in sales compared to 2014. In a survey conducted across five countries, Gartner found that "as many as 11 percent of tablet users, 10 percent of desktop users and 8 percent of notebook users are considering replacing their current device with a hybrid device in the next two years." How can Lenovo, a leading player in the crowded convertible laptop segment, stand out to customers?

Product: Lenovo Flex 3 Series [WORK IN PROGRESS]

Enter the Lenovo Flex 3 Series, a regular on critics' lists of top convertible laptops. Flex 3 has the 360-degrees flexibility of Lenovo's


DigitasLBi, a global marketing and technology agency Lenovo retained for the launch of Flex 3, approached PERCH with the following objectives:

  • To help the Lenovo Flex 3 stand out among its competitors in retail outlets
  • To get customers to pick up the product and explore its different modes
  • To educate customers on the use case and benefits of each mode


The PERCH Horizontal, encased in custom Lenovo branding, was deployed to 36 Fry's Electronics across the country, B&H Photo Video in New York City, as well as Lenovo's corporate showroom. It

Actual content:

Tablet mode for the early riser: Tablet mode is the perfect way to start your day. Check out the news and start your morning playlist as you get ready each morning.

Stand mode for the noon crafter: With up to 8 hours on a standard battery, you can go almost all day without recharging.

Tent mode for the evening chef: Use the tent mode to view recipes, watch techniques or video chat with Mom for advice. And it's nice and compact on your crowded countertop.

Laptop mode for the night owl: When you've got a long night ahead of you and you just need to get it done, the original is still king. Laptop mode is ideal for writing papers, editing files and just being productive.


Jessi Curtis, Director of Client Services at Premium Retail Services, on how PERCH helps customers in the absence of store associates:

I like the fact that customers can engage with the product whether somebody is there with them or not, and they’re not nervous about it. I think it does a really good job of helping customers understand the different positions and functions. Even if people are familiar with a convertible laptop, they’re not sure what they would do with the different modes, and [PERCH] helps with that, which is nice.

Gavriel, Sales Associate at B&H Photo Video, on how he leverages PERCH to better serve customers:

People are curious about it, and they love the touch-feel. When we explain the Flex 3 to customers, we use the display to show them the benefits of [its] different positions.