Perch Lenovo Update

In order to update Perch to the latest design, the Perch unit needs to be connected to the internet. Please turn on your wifi hotspot and follow the steps below to update to the latest design

Step 1: Please turn on the keyboard by sliding the switch on the top.

Step 2: Press 'Q' on the keyboard to quit the current Perch app.  You can press Q at anytime to quit back to the desktop if the app reopens. 

Step 3: On the desktop, click the wifi icon on the top right corner and select your hotspot's wireless network.

Step 4: Enter the password when prompted to connect to the network. You can open a web page in Safari to confirm you are connected. The Safari icon is located at the dock below. 

Step 5: Click on the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner to bring up the search bar. You can also bring up the search bar by pressing "Win" and "Space" on the keyboard at the same time. 

Step 6: In the search bar that appears, type in 'Terminal' and press enter. A new black terminal window will appear. 

Step 7: In terminal, type in 'perch_cli sync' and press 'Enter'.   The new perch app will begin downloading. When the download finishes, Terminal will say 'Success.' 

Step 8: Wait for a few minutes for the new perch app to launch.

Step 9: Once the app has launched, press 'P' to bring up the control panel.

Step 10: Click on settings to bring up the settings menu. 

Step 11: Inside the settings menu, make sure that autolaunch is on (box is red).

Step 12: Click next to bring up the Cloud Settings.

Step 13: Click 'Sync Now' and 'Apply' to synchronize the new Perch design. 

Step 14:  Test each possible hotspot interaction shown in the accompanying video to ensure the interactions match the video’