Perch is one of eight companies hand-picked for the New York Fashion Tech Lab, a 12-week program in which tech startups are paired with retail giants such as Macy's, Kate Spade, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren. With half of all new businesses failing after five years, the non-profit lab is designed to help the startups beat the odds.


 Perch, a projection system that lights display surfaces and allows consumers to discover new things about the products they touch. In an interview withWWD, Kate Spade’s chief marketing officer Mary Beech said, “Our stores are great expressions of the brand, but we were looking for an opportunity to bring content to life.” 


"In an effort to make its stores more interactive, Kate Spade has launched Perch technology in its stores. Perch, an interactive display system, seamlessly integrates rich media content into the in-store shopping experience. “Our stores are great expressions of the brand,” said chief marketing officer Mary Beech, “but we were looking for an opportunity to bring content to life.""

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"From engaging customers through photos and video content, to getting them to actually touch, pick up and discover products, Perch Interactive is revolutionizing the way we use interactive technology by helping retailers better understand consumer behavior as well as the overall in-store experience."

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"Perch created a display which showcases five of BaubleBar’s seasonal “must have” jewelry pieces and also integrated the company’s rich digital and social media presence into the store’s environment."


"The traditional bricks-and-mortar store already enjoys a sensory advantage over the online channel, but now Perch has set out to really enhance that experience with its digital technology."


"What if technology did not have to come between a shopper and a brand’s products? What if, instead, technology could provide a platform on the sales floor that would create a sensory experience with a brand’s products for the shopper — digital content helping to frame that interaction, not stand between it?"


"Interactive store displays, designed by Perch Interactive, use projections and sensors to serve up content when shoppers pick up individual pieces of jewelry on display."


"When two of our previous interviewees recommended Perch Interactive, we knew we had to get on the phone to New York".


"Perch gives retailers the opportunity to build a life around a product."

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"Delta Air Lines Previews Its JFK Terminal 4 Redevelopment With Experiential Space In Manhattan Called "T4X" via MKG"



"PERCH’s displays are prime examples of the findings from the 2009 Journal of Consumer Research ... consumers who touch products in the aisles will pay more money for them than those who don’t touch them."



"A new pop-up jewelry store in NYC’s SOHO district opened up the other night with a cool little interactive piece put together BaubleBar by the guys at PERCH."

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"Perch Interactive produces the ultimate, hands on shopping experience."


"Perch Interactive is fixing that with their projected interactive displays that fuse the digital novelty of online shopping with the more tangible retail experience."



"At a Perch Interactive-designed table, visitors learn how for every dollar that is spent on an American-made item, another $1.40 fuels other sectors of the U.S. economy, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce."