Interactive storytelling for a revolutionary retail concept


In 2011, brand consultant Rachel Shechtman set out to give consumers a different shopping experience, one that would foster conversation between the consumer and the brand. The result is STORY, a 2,000 square foot retail concept in Chelsea, New York. STORY "takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store. That means every four to eight weeks, STORY completely reinvents itself - from the design to the merchandise – with the goal of bringing to light a new theme, trend or issue." In 2014, Fashion Group International honored STORY with the Rising Star Award for Best Retail Concept.

Collaboration with PERCH

In 2012, STORY and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) teamed up for "Project Pop-Up NYC," an initiative from Mayor Bloomberg’s Fashion.NYC.2020 plan to encourage innovation and growth in New York's fashion industry. As one of 11 winners chosen to represent the city's next generation of leaders in fashion retail and tech, PERCH was given space at STORY to demonstrate its versatile technology. Thus was born the first of many stories created by STORY and told with help from PERCH. 


  • Transform the physical space at STORY into a media channel
  • Engage customers in an interactive manner
  • Introduce content around products

PERCH Solution

Each collaboration began with a discussion about STORY's vision for the retail narrative and products that would bring the theme to life. Following the style guide provided by STORY, PERCH was able to design, build, and deploy the finished product within a matter of weeks, making it a perfect partner for STORY's frequent editorial updates. When PERCH sensed customers interacting with the products, it rewarded them with product stories and inspirational photos. It also provided product details such as pricing, thus eliminating the need for price tags, which would distract from the gallery experience. When STORY needed to update display content, PERCH was able to refresh remotely within 24 hours, via PERCH Cloud.

The first of eight collaborations featured Baggu leather bags sold by Of a Kind, PERCH''s fellow "Project Pop-Up NYC" winner. The PERCH Horizontal, a flat media-rich display available in three different sizes, was chosen as the backdrop of this story.

The PERCH Horizontal, which can accommodate a variety of product layouts, made another appearance when STORY and Made Movement joined forces to curate the "Made in America" collection in the summer of 2013. The PERCH display was converted into a map of the U.S. to continue the Americana theme, which began on the walls of the store. Interactions with the display and featured products revealed the histories behind the products, thus deepening customers' emotional connection with American craftsmanship and increasing their likelihood to support domestically-manufactured products.

In 2014, the PERCH Vertical display made its debut at STORY x Target's "Home for the Holidays" installation, which marked the first time STORY partnered with a mass retailer and the first time Target sold its home collections outside of its stores. For this high-profile collaboration, PERCH customized the display casing to match the alpine-inspired blonde wood fixtures that adorned the space. The installation opened just twenty days after the concept kick-off, a new record for STORY.


Rachel Schechtman, founder of STORY, on how PERCH helped tell the story of "Home for the Holidays," as featured in Digital Signage Connection:

PERCH's new vertical display provides the perfect way to create a dynamic experience in our store. Working with PERCH, we were able to create a concept that told the story of our partnership with Target. We've seen so much positive engagement from the new vertical display, consumers gather around the shelves to see what each product reveals.