Story - Gillette's Super(man)

PERCH gives consumers a SUPER(man) shopping experience! STORY‘s latest theme, “His Story,” was accompanied by Gillette’s “How Does He Shave” campaign. Perch designed an interactive display to compliment the viral video campaign, which features imagery from the highly-anticipated Man of Steel movie.

With Gillette’s ProGlide razor as the focus of the display, photos of Superman bring the background to life and encourage bystanders to interact. The display incorporates a live stream of tweets using the #HowDoesHeShave Twitter hashtag and three theory videos featuring celebrities pontificating on the question at hand. Bill Nye, TV science guy; Kevin Smith, filmmaker and comic book writer;  and Mayim Bialik,  actress on The Big Bang Theory; each deliver their own funny, yet witty argument.

Also present on the display are two other Superman-related products: “The Mighty Wallet” and a hardcover edition of The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero, written by Larry Tye. When each of the two non-razor products is picked up, PERCH reveals details about the chosen product. Each product also has an associated “SUPER fact” button that brings up curious Superman trivia, like the double date Superman once took with fellow superhero Spider-Man.

The new Man of Steel-inspired PERCH makes shopping fun for any STORY customer stopping by.