Sunglass Hut: 2015 Campaigns

Telling trend stories through an interactive experience that engages and informs


Business Context: Using Technology to Enhance the Brick and Mortar Experience

Sunglass Hut, owned by eyewear giant Luxottica, has long understood the power of digital experiences in retail. In the eyes of Fabio D’Angelantonio, President of Sunglass Hut and CMO at Luxottica, [digital initiatives are] 150 percent relevant and more and more how you get to the core of a customer relationship.” In 2009, the retailer introduced "Social Sun," a technology that let customers to take photos of themselves trying on different sunglasses and share them on social media. As part of a larger initiative to curate a more simplified store offering, the technology also allowed customers to order styles and colors that were not available in-store. While the digital experience energized the stores, the technology behind it lost its appeal as smart-phones became ubiquitous.



As Sunglass Hut phased out "Social Sun," it searched for a new interactive experience that 1) was compatible with existing merchandising fixtures, and 2) could be quickly deployed to multiple stores before the brand kicked off its 2015 summer season. The interactive experience needed to:

  • Tell the trend story of the seasonal campaign (campaign details below)
  • Engage and entertain customers
  • Help customers learn about products beyond what store associates tell them


PERCH Solution

Design Integration

Sunglass Hut partnered with PERCH for its ability to deliver a highly interactive experience on a very tight timeline. The PERCH Vertical 64 is the brand's chosen medium for communicating each season's trend story. The high visibility, small footprint display effortlessly blends in with existing merchandising fixtures and guides customers' eyes to frames from the collections. The glass shelves, which allow plenty of light through, give the sunglasses the stage they deserve.

Customer Interaction

Digital experiences are seamlessly triggered when PERCH senses customers picking up the products . For the summer campaign, PERCH leveraged existing media assets to deliver the quick turnaround Sunglass Hut required, showing different summer moments from the campaign video. For the fall campaign, PERCH brought product-specific content to customers' fingertips, allowing Sunglass Hut to illustrate different ways to interpret the trend story.

Content Management & Analytics

To transition from summer to fall, PERCH refreshed the content remotely from PERCH Cloud, the feature that makes PERCH incredibly scalable. The new "Punk It Up" content was simultaneously pushed to all six participating stores. Once PERCH updated the content, the stores simply changed out the sunglasses for display. It is also worth noting the display is highly versatile, and Sunglass Hut experimented with different shelf arrangements to meet their visual merchandising needs.



Summer 2015: Electrify Your Summer

Fashion and music have always gone hand-in-hand. In May 2015, Sunglass Hut launched the "Electrify Your Summer" campaign, promising shades and beats for every summer moment, whether it was poolside in Las Vegas, or on the beach in Miami. It filled its social media feeds with Georgia May Jagger, its global brand ambassador, and invited guest DJs to share their summer playlists. The "Electrify Your Summer Tour" continued the the dance party offline, and PERCH traveled with the tour to three major cities across the U.S.

Fall 2015: Punk It Up

When the weather cooled down in September, it was time to "Punk It Up." The collection, which featured disruptive frames and mixed metals, drew inspiration from the irreverent, rebellious spirit of punk. In London, the birthplace of some of punk's biggest bands as well as Georgia May Jagger, Sunglass Hut celebrated its first season as principal sponsor of London Fashion Week.

Holidays 2015: Wrap Up Your Wishes

Campaign details...



Sunglass Hut's field team loved the energy PERCH displays brought to the store experience. Its corporate team echoed the sentiment, and also praised PERCH for its ability to integrate physical products to create an engaging, organic digital experience.

Sara Sullivan, Director of Store Experience & Merchandising at Sunglass Hut, on how PERCH creates an experience that celebrates products and engages customers:

What I like most about PERCH is that it’s a blank canvas you can really take over. You can use it to create different rich, engaging experiences to help customers understand why we carry certain frames. When you create curated experiences where you can celebrate key frames of the moment, it really helps us prove we’re the sun authority.

Irv Cassio, Digital Experience Director at Sunglass Hut, on how PERCH blends the physical product with the digital experience:

Normally when customers work with a screen, they have to touch a button to trigger a video or audio cue. What’s unique about PERCH is that customers trigger content by touching and picking up the product. Sometimes you put digital experiences in the store, and no one will use them. When the digital experience is an inherent part of the product display, people will use it.

Data says customers also love PERCH. On average, each store recorded 307 customer interactions per day!

Building on two highly successful campaigns, Sunglass Hut and PERCH partnered a third time for the bran'd's 2015 holiday campaign. PERCH displays for the campaign can now be found at select Sunglass Hut locations.