PERCH Templates allow you to create a unique PERCH experience with pre configured wireframes, 
specific content layout and interactive functionality, designed according to certain specifications.

PERCH templates are designed to be easy to use.
Here's how:

1. Choose a template
2. Collect content for all products based on provided specifications
3. Design and format content according to template specifications*
4. Turn it over to us and we'll do the rest.

*The design and formatting of content (step 3) may be performed by you
(Basic Template package) or may be done by PERCH as part of our
Tailored Template service package.

Templates specifications include:

- Type of Display (Landscape or Horizontal)
- Number of Products on Display
- Number of Buttons (Content Areas) per Product
- Single User of Multi-User

With Single User templates, content for a given product can take over the
whole screen, since only one product will be picked up at a time. For Multi-User Templates, screen space is divided evenly among all the products on the
display, so that multiple products can be picked up simultaneously without content overlapping.