Treasure & Bond (PERCH Horizontal)

The festive “Gift of Giving” display at treasure&bond presents five unique products for customers to pick up and learn about. The display, which is the located in the front of the store, includes a wide range of products, from a candle that smells like wine to a set of nail polishes that looks like pills. The display is anchored by a bright red Freitag bag made from upcycled truck tarpaulins.

The colorful PERCH display attracts shoppers with animations that hint at the surprise associated with each product. In the case of the wine-scented candle, bottles of wine tumble by, while the Freitag bag, which can be attached to a bike’s handlebars, is graced by a stream of bikes passing directly in front of it.

Upon picking up each product, a short stop-motion photography sequence is revealed. The fun photo-based videos demonstrate how the products are used, which is not always obvious upon just seeing the products on the table. In the case of the Freitag bag, the shopper sees just how much the small bag can hold, as a pair of hands reaches in and pulls out over twenty items. In addition to the stop-motion sequences, shoppers can touch the “product details” button to see more specific details about each product in textual form.

treasure&bond, which is owned by Nordstrom but is independently operated, is a unique store in Soho that gives the profits from all of its sales to New York-based non-profits. PERCH is proud to donate the “Gift of Giving” display to treasure&bond for the holiday season.