Woolite (PERCH Horizontal)

Perch created this simple display for the WooliteWashed pop-up boutique in New York City in conjunction with Iris Worldwide. When a visitor first approaches the display, two Woolite bottles sit on the table, surrounded by an animated background of bubbles that respond to the wave of one’s hand. Visitors are instructed to “TOUCH CAP”. Upon doing so, four colorful bubbles rise up from the bottom of the display, surrounding the bottles. Each bubble asks a question such as “How to Keep your Brights Bright?” When a user touches the bubble, the bubble flips around to reveal the answer.

The interaction, while simple, is effective in that most people who touch one bubble will ultimately touch them all. In doing so, they will spend more time with the product, and will begin to think about the product in a new way, which is the goal of the experience and of the WooliteWashed pop-up store as a whole.