The next generation of in-store experience is here!


PERCH unites PHYSICAL PRODUCTS with DIGITAL CONTENT to engage shoppers, analyze behavior and drive 30-80% sales lift

Our physically-aware displays sense when shoppers APPROACH, TOUCH
and PICK UP products and respond with dynamic media

PERCH delivers the perfect message at the perfect time, the moment a customer picks up your product

Perch Sales Lift by Industry


Shoppers who touch products are 40-60% more likely to buy them

University of Ohio

PERCH helps modern brands and retailers break through the clutter and become industry leaders

Are you a brand?


Learn how brands drive increased consumer engagement, get better retail display space and boost market share


Are you a retailer?


Learn how retailers increase sales and drive loyalty by working with brands to create magical experiential campaigns


Are you both?


Learn how brands with owned store networks increase sales, improve margins and drive customer loyalty


Are you an agency, fabricator or other partner?

Find out how PERCH opens new revenue streams and high-margin subscription revenue for partners and brings revolutionary technology directly to retail customers.


PERCH makes it easy to go from concept to completion

PERCH handles everything. From hardware to software, from content curation to cloud storage,
we provide all the technology and services you need to make a big splash in store.


PERCH Displays

Display form factors in all shapes and sizes allow PERCH to work in every retail environment.


PERCH Content

Our content services leverage existing marketing materials to create unique in-store experience




Our cloud platform combines campaign management, real-time analytics and device monitoring.

PERCH's real-time analytics provides unique insight into your customer behavior


Product Interactions

Customer Count

Engagement Time

Track the number of customers who have interacted with PERCH each day.

See the total number of times that each product has been picked up.

Measure the total time that customers are engaged with your display.

Leading brands and retailers trust PERCH to deliver
world-class experiences at the point of purchase

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