Deliver Physical + Digital brand marketing campaigns that make your products stand out and shine


PERCH helps brands take market share, drive 5-10x customer engagement and increase sales 30-80%


Brands are facing ever more competition in a world of product proliferation, eCommerce, comparison shopping and an ever more complex retail ecosystem.  With more products fighting for less consumer attention, industry-leading brands use Perch to cut through the noise at the critical moments at the point of purchase - when customers see and touch your product.


Deliver up-to-date targeted campaigns across your network of retail distributors


Capture greater customer engagement from the competition - 5-10x more engagement!


Maximize sell-through of featured and seasonal products 


Get key placement in-store with a valued and memorable experience


A-B test creative and deploy improvements to thousands of locations with a single click


PERCH is the secret weapon of leading brands to get the retail space they deserve


There are 5 brands pictured above. 
Do you see one other than Fossil?


Brands understand that how your product is placed at the point of purchase is critical to success.   PERCH is a win-win because retailers looking to create differentiated experiences will give brands better placement with PERCH, including valuable endcaps and increased premium shelf space.   PERCH closes the loop with fully immersive digital marketing campaigns that make your products more magical and drive 30-80% sales lift.  


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Deliver your brand message accurately when it matters most - the point of purchase


Brands are spending increasing amounts on digital and video.  PERCH leverages those assets at the most critical moments when customers pass by and when they pick up your product. No longer are you a slave to static retail environments or under-trained sales associates.  Your brand can shine because you have control - at the moment it matters most.


Case Studies of Brands Driving Sales With PERCH


What Perch clients are saying...


+81% higher sales in stores with
PERCH compared stores without
for featured product.

— Lenovo Retail Report (based on avg. sales/store/day)

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“We’ve seen a higher
sell-through for products on
the PERCH table.”

— Mary Beech CMO Kate Spade (WWD, Apr 29, 2014)

“PERCH's allows us to create a dynamic experience in store. We've seen so much positive engagement with PERCH, consumers gather around the display to see what each product reveals.”

—  Rachel Shechtman, STORY


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+50% sales for product on display

— Pernod-Ricard independent Study


Get in-store engagement analytics at your key distribution centers

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Customer Count

Retail Marketing Analytics - Product Touch.png

Product Interactions

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See real-time analytics or compare campaign activity over time


What are you waiting for?  The future of retail is now!

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