Perch x WAA Ultra x ComQi
Interactive Mannequin and Store WindowDisplay

Perch and ComQi partnered to create an interactive mannequin and shopwindow experience focused on athletic products WAA Ultra. The design for this experience was inspired by Perch’s jewelry case deployment. The idea being, there is merchandise a brand wants to protect, but still wants to encourage learning and engagement with the product.


This specific deployment is using IR Frame technology, in which specific regions of the glass are mapped out for the interaction. Regions could be larger than what is seen in this demonstration, or up to 1 centimeter of specificity.

For the first time, consumers can interact with products directly on mannequins or in store windows. Brands can message every single product with integrity, bring in all the rich content from the web including branded videos, ratings and reviews, and even a QR code to buy and checkout using mobile apps, further deepening the relationship with the customer across channels.

ComQi On The Future of Mannequin and Store Window Engagement

Watch Stu Armstrong, Group President & Chief Revenue Officer at ComQi, walk-through the Perch x ComQi x WAA Ultra experience.