Introducing the PERCH Dashboard

The PERCH Dashboard is a cloud platform that allows you to deploy your PERCH app(s) to one or more PERCH units with just a few clicks. Whether you're implementing smaller content updates or deploying a brand new campaign, you can use the PERCH Dashboard to upload your changes. The Dashboard is also where you have access to analytics about your PERCH units and campaigns.

The PERCH Dashboard is currently in beta with access being released to a select group of partners. Talk with your PERCH contact to understand if this is a good option for you and set up your account credentials.

Deploying a PERCH app

1. Prepare your app

Once you are done building your app, prepare it for deployment by compressing it into a zip file.



2. Log in to PERCH Dashboard

Go to and use your credentials to log in. Once logged in, you'll be able to see a list view of your PERCH units.



3. Create campaign

To deploy your PERCH app, you must create a campaign for it. Select the 'Campaigns' tab and click 'Add'. Name your campaign and click 'Ok'.

If you are updating an app within an exiting campaign, simply choose that campaign from the list.



4. Upload your app

Click "Upload" and select your app zip file (For campaigns with an existing app, choose "Replace"). Wait a few moments for the app to upload.




5. Deploy app to unit(s)

Once your app has finished uploading, you can deploy it to your PERCH unit(s).  If you click "Deploy" next to one of your unit names, it will queue the command. The next time that unit comes online, the app will be installed. If "set active after install" is checked, it will set that app to be the one that launches automatically after every restart. If "launch after install" is checked, it will launch the app immediately after it's installed.


Every uploaded version of your app is stored in the cloud. Clicking the name of your app will allow you to download the zip file with the most recent version.

Managing your PERCH units

The unit management features allow you to monitor and update your units in real-time. When you click on a unit, you'll be able to view it in more detail.


Here, you'll be able to see various information about the unit, including when it was last online, which campaigns are installed, and technical logs. To launch a new campaign, click the Launch button. To set it to active, click "Set Active" and the unit will automatically load this campaign whenever it restarts (usually nightly).

PERCH Analytics

PERCH Analytics help you understand how your customers interact with PERCH. You can access analytics via the PERCH Dashboard by clicking on a specific unit or campaign.


When you click "Analytics" for a unit, it will bring up a report for all interactions with that unit. When you click "Analytics" for a campaign, you will get the aggregated interactions for units running that campaign.


Here, you can select which Unit or Campaign you want to view, as well as start and end dates of the report. You can also download a csv as a list of all interactions ("Session CSV") or the aggregate totals ("Daily Totals CSV").

You'll also be able to view a graphical report of the most important data.