Designing a PERCH app

Since the nature of PERCH is digital + physical, designing content for a PERCH unit is slightly different from designing for a strictly digital medium (such as web). We've put together a set of guidelines to help you choose the best strategy for your design while also optimizing performance within the framework of the PERCH Interactive Template.


Overall Design


Design with the physical products in mind: Measure the height of the physical products and place tabs accordingly to optimize user interaction.

Keep text to a minimum: Dynamic content will create a more engaging experience.

Work with (not against) existing assets: Consider the formatting (e.g. portrait vs. landscape) of existing assets when planning the overall design.




Don’t compromise on resolution: All assets should be exported to 1920x1080 px (landscape) or 1080x1920 px (portrait) with a min resolution of 72 ppi.

Keep videos under 100 MB per file (Under 40 MB recommended): Too many large videos can affect loading speed.

Max 2 videos playing at the same time recommended: If using audio, make sure only one of the videos has sound.

Manage videos mindfully: Keep in mind that videos placed in the layers  “background” and ”product background” will play in the background of your app. Use the layers only as necessary.




Keep text and videos in separate layers: Doing so whenever possible will allow for more editing flexibility, and eventually ease content updates.