Design firms and fabricators partner with PERCH to position themselves for the future of retail


Partnering with PERCH makes good business sense


Win new customer revenue through a differentiated offering


Drive higher margins and enable subscription revenue


Expand existing customer revenues by opening up new projects


Position your company as a leader in the interactive retail revolution

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Partners use PERCH to make the store of the future an immediate reality 

We work with design firms and fabricators not only for customer delivery, but also to help position them for the future of in-store retail marketing - interactive digital experiences overlaid on physical products.  With deployments in 5 continents, that future is now. The next generation of interactive digital signage is the ultimate flexible canvas for in-store marketing campaigns .

Design firms and fabricators work with PERCH to establish leadership positions in the coming wave of technology adoption, while opening up new streams of business that generate higher margins and subscription revenue models.


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