Electronics Demo


Electronics is a category of products that often requires a lot of explanation.   It's hard to educate consumers on the difference between LCD vs. OLED screens, which mobile phones perform best, or which computers are best for what applications.   Electronics brands certainly are going to struggle if they are relegated to 3x5 explainer cards at the local Best Buy, Fry's or B&H.   With PERCH's interactive retail displays, electronics brands can launch any digital experience when customers touch or pick-up a product, unlocking the wealth of digital content available to influence consumer decisions.   As a case study, Lenovo sold 81% more laptops with PERCH.   

And with our new PERCH Sense, making digital displays "retail aware" is easier than ever as shown in this demo.  PERCH Sense can be added to the back of any LCD screen and plugs in to connect to the PERCH cloud.  Installation takes just minutes and the results are transformative.