Macy’s Interactive Fragrance Experience


Perch Interactive and Macy’s are partnering to revolutionize the in-store customer experience, by designing an innovative physical+digital solution across Macy’s fragrance category.

The Macy’s fragrance experience demonstrates the effectiveness of using omnichannel insights to understand the customer journey and combine physical products with digital content in-store to create differentiation from eCommerce only services.


Surprise and Delight Your Customers

Macy’s collaboration with Perch, allows Macy’s to deliver brand messages for each product on the counter magically, the moment a customer touched a bottle or picked up the fragrance tester using computer vision. Macy’s commitment to combining physical+digital will create engaging product exploration, increase in-store dwell time, and continue to improve the customer experience in-store and online.

Message Each Product On the Shelf

Now, for the first time, Macy’s and brands could message every single fragrance with integrity, bring in all the rich content from the web including branded videos, ratings and reviews, fragrance notes and more, and even a QR code to buy and checkout using the Macy’s mobile app, further deepening the relationship with the customer across channels.

Gain Insight to In-Store Shopper Behavior

And for the first time, Macy’s and brands have insight into middle of the funnel shopper behavior around fragrance discovery and purchase in-store while allowing the shopper to discover fragrances more naturally. This digital content complements an experience that could only be had in-store that of exploring different fragrances. Digital marketing in-store via Perch typically delivers 30-80% sales lifts, 5-10x engagement and increased dwell times.