PERCH Puts the "Surprise and Delight" into Digital In-store

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Brick-and-mortar retailers have an opportunity to surprise and delight shoppers with digital, connected and omnichannel experiences in the physical store, but many are struggling to make that opportunity pay off. To be fair, reimagining an entire industry is no easy task.

Trevor Sumner, CEO of PERCH, said that people aren’t seeing TV ads anymore, and active engagement between brands and their customers on Facebook is dwarfed by the number of shoppers who pass by a store display on any given day. If sales depend on customers having downloaded the store’s mobile app, he said, then the brand is only reaching about 10 percent of its shopper base — and besides, do they really want customers to be looking at their phones as they browse the store?

In short, said Sumner, marketing isn’t hitting shoppers when and where it needs to.

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RIS Features PERCH in Top 10 NRF Takeaways

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PERCH introduced PERCH Shelf Touch, which puts the power of connecting in-store products with an infinite library of product-focused digital media at the fingertips of individual shoppers. The solution helps brands unify the value of physical and digital shopping experiences by engaging, informing and learning from the customers who can now connect with products with the slight tap of the shelf.

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Multichannel Merchant: PERCH Unveils Shelf Touch Technology Uniting Digital and Physical Retail

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PERCH today introduced PERCH Shelf Touch, the first platform to connect shoppers to in-store products and an infinite library of product-focused digital media.

The technology was unveiled during NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show as a new, highly responsive approach to helping brands unify the value of physical and digital shopping experiences by engaging, informing and learning from the customers who can now connect with products with the slight tap of the shelf where they are displayed.

PERCH Shelf Touch integrates seamlessly into PERCH Cloud, a campaign management and analytics system that allows brands to deliver and update mixed-reality shopping experiences while simultaneously capturing the daily shopper interactions for data-driven decisions on changing the content. Armed with analytics from every interaction with a display, users can update digital content remotely across a fleet of in-store displays.

“PERCH continues to close the gap between digital experiences and physical products, so brands can design the critical immersive retail strategies that engage, inform and convert shoppers into customers,” said PERCH CEO Trevor Sumner. “By understanding and adapting to how customers interact with physical and digital products, brands can deliver the advanced and unique shopper experiences and see immediate double-digit engagement and sales lift.”

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CIO Review Names PERCH a Top 20 Retail Solution Provider


PERCH pioneered the art of replacing conventional display screens with digital displays that seamlessly fit into any retail environment and sense consumer behaviors. “Our interactive retail displays use 3D camera sensing technology to detect when customers approach, touch, or pick up a product, to launch a new digital experience,” mentions CTO and company founder, Jared Schiffman. Each unit contains embedded 4G Wi-Fi hotspot that simplifies the installation process to connect with PERCH’s cloud-based server, leaving no room for breach of personally identifiable information. Accompanying the camera and display is a robust campaign management system that simplifies the creation of rich media and interactive product campaigns that unlock product-level marketing in otherwise crowded retail environments where brands can easily get lost. Campaigns for new products can be created and deployed effortlessly, while the displays track every customer interaction and the ROI is tied to product sales lift.

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PERCH Named One of The 15 Tech Companies to Watch in 2018 by Forbes

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This article is partially transcripted from the original post in Forbes

All signs point towards an exciting and innovative 2018 for the tech sector. The Internet of Things and machine learning are converging to create a smarter world. Breakthroughs in biotechnology and health offer promise for billions of people all over the globe. Sharing economies are creating independence and prosperity. Self driving cars are no longer a fiction of the imagination. On the B2B side, old industries are transforming before our eyes and new ones are emerging out of thin air. The revolution is being led by bold companies seeking to create value and innovation. Here are 15 awesome technology companies to watch in 2018:

Perch Interactive

Many pundits have been forecasting the end of brick-and-mortar retail, while giant online retailers – most recently Amazon, with its purchase of Whole Foods – continue to invest heavily in physical stores. One company merging in-store shopping with interactive technology is Perch Interactive. By offering digital displays within physical stores, Perch Interactive offers consumers a wealth of digital content and engagement while they are in the store, while collecting data that brings actionable insights to brands. The company, which counts Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade and Sunglass Hut as clients, says it’s computer vision, infrared and RFID technologies can be embedded in any retail fixture or display. In addition to engaging consumers, the platform offers a full CMS and analytics component that can manage hundreds of thousands of units in the field. Perch Interactive says it can get consumers to buy up to 80 percent more, and that the company is doubling revenue year over year.

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Forbes - Reinventing Retail: The Struggle Between The Store Of The Future And The Reality Of Now

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This article was originally published by our CEO, Trevor Sumner, on Forbes.

Depending on who you talk to, the retail industry is either in a free fall or in the midst of a renaissance. The tale of two retails couldn’t be starker. On one hand, store closures are up four times already this year over last, more people are going online, and bankruptcies are piling up such as Payless, Rue21 and most recently, Toys ‘R Us. Department store sales are down 40% from 2000-2016. Sounds pessimistic.

On the other hand, 76 percent of retailers beat Q2 earnings, Tier A/B mall vacancies are at their lowest levels in 10 years, e-commerce only commands a 12% share and consumer confidence is rising. As further validation, digital natives like Amazon, Warby Parker and Bonobos are all investing in physical retail presences.

Both tales are true, and the result is a retail industry under rapid churning transformation with rising economic tides and increased competition from digital natives. The imperative for reimagining the future of retail has never been more pressing. As the CEO of a company that builds next-generation interactive retail displays, I witness the real struggles of brands and retailers that see the future but are hindered by the operations of today. Like a child learning to walk, retailers are remarkably clear on what they want to do, but stumble in the coordination of all the parts.

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Drug Store News: Coty and PERCH show off innovation at Manhattan's STORY



NEW YORK — Coty unveiled the 35th installation at constantly changing concept store STORY Thursday. The Beauty STORY installation explores beauty’s role as an outlet for self-expression by showcasing such Coty brands as CoverGirl, Sally Hansen, Rimmel and Clairol, and featuring experts that include Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird, customized facial shop Heyday and tech partner Perfect, maker of the YouCam Makeup app.

“We are excited to sponsor the first-ever beauty STORY and invite consumers to engage with all our brands in an interactive and dynamic environment,” Coty SVP North America, consumer beauty, Shannon Curtin told Drug Store News. “Innovation, technology and personalization are incredibly important in beauty today, and STORY’s unique installations provide opportunities for consumers to explore our products and consider beauty as a form of self-expression.”

The installation features various brand activations that encourage interaction and rewards it with complimentary products. Among the activations are the Coty + YouCam AR Makeup Mirror, which lets customers try out new looks in augmented reality, and the CoverGirl A1-Array 3D Photo Booth — an experience developed by Super A-OK. The Clairol brand activation will be brought to life through a Perch Interactive touch-capacitive retail display system, and Rimmel’s activation will feature a Vengo Labs digital vending machine, which will dispense a complimentary Rimmel product for guests who pose for a photo against the in-store backdrop. And Sally Hansen will feature a DIY nail studio for customers to try out new looks.

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PERCH featured as innovator in Goldman Sachs Store of the Future Report



21 AUG 2017 - For all the pain that e-commerce has inflicted on retailers, the brick-and-mortar store is far from dead, according to Goldman Sachs Research’s lead retail analyst Matt Fassler. Instead, he says, survivors of the latest round of retail disruption will succeed in part by narrowing their sights, focusing either on efficiently distributing goods or improving the in-store experience for customers. 

In the report is an analysis of PERCH: "PERCH ... leads with its aesthetic appeal, while providing its retail enterprise customers a full content curation, and analytics via the cloud."

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Denver Post Highlights PERCH as the Future of Retail "Smart Stores"

LAS VEGAS — Tomorrow’s retail stores want to take a page from their online rivals by embracing advanced technology — everything from helpful robots to interactive mirrors to shelves embedded with sensors.

The goal: Use these real-world store features to lure shoppers back from the internet, and maybe even nudge them to spend more in the process.

Amazon’s new experimental grocery store in Seattle, opening early this year, will let shoppers buy goods without needing to stop at a checkout line. Sensors track items as shoppers put them into baskets or return them to the shelf. The shopper’s Amazon account gets automatically charged.

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PERCH Wins Clio Award For Its Collaboration With Jo Malone


In this special collaboration with Jo Malone London, a first of its kind interactive fragrance display was created that attracts and engages consumers while bringing the identity of each scent to life and illustrating the key brand philosophy of Fragrance Combining.

When customers pick up one of the six featured fragrances, beautiful floral illustrations designed by British fine artist Michael Angove emanate from where the bottle was resting, highlighting the top note of each fragrance. Additionally, the animation suggests a combiner fragrance. The result is an educational, engaging, in-store experience that consumers love.

While the display is designed to be a self-serve retail display, it also acts as a visual aid for the in-store staff.

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Forbes: Rachel Shachtman, CEO of STORY calls out PERCH as best of breed in interactive retail display


Our team of experts conducts regular in-depth interviews with innovators and leaders to provide insights about the evolution of the marketing discipline. Rachel Shechtman is the founder and CEO of STORY. Rachel has created a highly successful retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like an art gallery, and sells things like a store. She treats her store as “the ultimate touch point” that delivers an all-consuming experience that is as much about the narrative and community as it is about the end product being sold. Every three to eight weeks, STORY completely reinvents itself -- from the design to scents to the merchandise – with the goal of bringing to light a new theme, trend or issue.

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Dallas News Features PERCH as the Future of High Tech Retail

NEW YORK— Imagine a fitting room with a “smart” mirror that suggests jeans to go with the red shirt you brought in. It snaps a video so you can compare the image side-by-side with other colorful shirts you try on. It might even show you how the shirt will fit without you having to undress.

A handful of primarily upscale retailers, including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, are testing versions of this high-tech fitting room. And experts say the masses will be able to try these innovations at more stores in the next few years as the technology gets cheaper.

This trend is a way stores aim to catch up to online rivals like that are able to gather information on which items shoppers browse and use that to recommend other products. The new technology that enables physical stores to collect much of the same data as online retailers raises privacy questions, but executives say customers are offered a choice and the data is protected.


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Retail Dive Calls Out PERCH for Outstanding Retail Technology at NRF

With only 6.6% of retail sales conducted online in the third quarter of 2014, retailers know that it's critical to offer a seamless, stress-free experience for customers shopping in-store. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. 

Retail Dive was at the National Retail Federation's Big Show for 2015 in New York, where retailers and vendors turned out in full force to learn about and show off the future of retail. We saw many intriguing technologies hoping to remedy problems retailers might face, but the best came with a little bit of style. 

Here are four technological innovations that could help retailers upend the old in-store model into something new and exciting. 

Interactive displays

Research shows that shoppers are significantly more likely to buy a product if they pick it up during the shopping experience. Once a product is selected and removed from an in-store display, Perch's interactive technology lights up and changes graphics, featuring on-demand product information.

Partnering with Kate Spade, Story, Baublebar, and more, the company claims that its products have increased both dwell times and sell-through rates for stores using them. The company also provides product interaction analytics for customers visiting the store.

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Entrepreneur - Meet the Hottest Startups Melding Fashion and Tech

I believe that with the rise of technology, every industry will continue to be disrupted in new and exciting ways. It was with this in mind that AlleyNYC partnered and hosted the inaugural session of the New York Fashion Tech Lab (NYFTL). The NYFTL is powered by The Partnership Fund for New York City and Springboard Enterprises.

The program allows the biggest players in the fashion industry to engage with young companies building a wide array of fashion technologies. They recently had their demo day. For those of you who do not know what a demo day is, it's a live event that gives presenters an allotted amount of time to pitch their idea or company in front of a live audience, mostly investors. Here is a look into some of those companies. I hope this inspires you to build something awesome.

Perch: Perch Interactive Inc. is intent on revolutionizing the retail industry. They plan on doing this by introducing a series of game-changing interactive, in-store digital displays where the product is the interface.

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PERCH on CBS This Morning

At fashion lab, tech startups are pointed toward success



Some of America's leading names in fashion aren't just thinking about what's in season, they also have an eye toward the future, CBS News correspondent Vinita Nair reports.

New York City is arguably the fashion capital of the world, and the brains behind a new mentorship program would like to see it become the fashion tech capital of the world, as well, fostering a new generation of retail-focused startups.

Jared Schiffman, the founder of Perch technology, was creating interactive installations for museums. Then he realized his technology could be used to sell products. His company adds interactive displays to retail items; when you pick up an item, you can click through an interface to see available colors, sizes and reviews.

"Everything you see on the table is actually created by this technology that lives above the table. We project down onto the table, and that's how we create the imagery..." Schiffman said. "If you're holding a product, actually you're a lot more likely to buy it."

Perch is one of eight companies hand-picked for the New York Fashion Tech Lab, a 12-week program in which tech startups are paired with retail giants such as Macy's, Kate Spade, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren. With half of all new businesses failing after five years, the non-profit lab is designed to help the startups beat the odds.

The Partnership Fund for New York City and Springboard Enterprises run the program.

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