PERCH Named One of The 15 Tech Companies to Watch in 2018 by Forbes

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This article is partially transcripted from the original post in Forbes

All signs point towards an exciting and innovative 2018 for the tech sector. The Internet of Things and machine learning are converging to create a smarter world. Breakthroughs in biotechnology and health offer promise for billions of people all over the globe. Sharing economies are creating independence and prosperity. Self driving cars are no longer a fiction of the imagination. On the B2B side, old industries are transforming before our eyes and new ones are emerging out of thin air. The revolution is being led by bold companies seeking to create value and innovation. Here are 15 awesome technology companies to watch in 2018:

Perch Interactive

Many pundits have been forecasting the end of brick-and-mortar retail, while giant online retailers – most recently Amazon, with its purchase of Whole Foods – continue to invest heavily in physical stores. One company merging in-store shopping with interactive technology is Perch Interactive. By offering digital displays within physical stores, Perch Interactive offers consumers a wealth of digital content and engagement while they are in the store, while collecting data that brings actionable insights to brands. The company, which counts Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade and Sunglass Hut as clients, says it’s computer vision, infrared and RFID technologies can be embedded in any retail fixture or display. In addition to engaging consumers, the platform offers a full CMS and analytics component that can manage hundreds of thousands of units in the field. Perch Interactive says it can get consumers to buy up to 80 percent more, and that the company is doubling revenue year over year.

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