Multichannel Merchant: PERCH Unveils Shelf Touch Technology Uniting Digital and Physical Retail

Retail Marketing Shelf Touch Launch.png

PERCH today introduced PERCH Shelf Touch, the first platform to connect shoppers to in-store products and an infinite library of product-focused digital media.

The technology was unveiled during NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show as a new, highly responsive approach to helping brands unify the value of physical and digital shopping experiences by engaging, informing and learning from the customers who can now connect with products with the slight tap of the shelf where they are displayed.

PERCH Shelf Touch integrates seamlessly into PERCH Cloud, a campaign management and analytics system that allows brands to deliver and update mixed-reality shopping experiences while simultaneously capturing the daily shopper interactions for data-driven decisions on changing the content. Armed with analytics from every interaction with a display, users can update digital content remotely across a fleet of in-store displays.

“PERCH continues to close the gap between digital experiences and physical products, so brands can design the critical immersive retail strategies that engage, inform and convert shoppers into customers,” said PERCH CEO Trevor Sumner. “By understanding and adapting to how customers interact with physical and digital products, brands can deliver the advanced and unique shopper experiences and see immediate double-digit engagement and sales lift.”

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