Streetfight - Perch Deploys In-Store Tech to Help Retailers Close the Path to Purchase

Streetfight Interview of Perch Retail Marketing.png

We all know about the bread and butter of location-based marketing technology: geo-targeted marketing campaigns that hit customers with ads when they’re in the vicinity of stores to drive them into a retailer’s brick-and-mortar location. Increasingly, though, retailers are leveraging in-store technology to ensure that customers follow all the way through on the path to purchase.

Perch is a marketing technology company providing one such solution. The company provides 3D sensing technology to help retailers set up cutting-edge displays that catch customers’ attention and lock down in-store transactions. Street Fight recently caught up with Perch CEO Trevor Sumner, who will speak at Street Fight’s Brooklyn summit this June, to hear about the latest at Perch and talk about how in-store marketing tech can lift brands’ bottom lines.

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