Consumer Goods Technology - Macy's Reinvents the Customer Experience

Perch_Consumer Goods Technology_Macy's


One of the investments is intended to add value in a category in which Macy's is already winning: fragrance. Noticing that in-store customers shop fragrances by brand, but online they search by scent families, the retailer’s digital and store merchants together identified an opportunity to create a digitally driven, approachable alternative that replicates the online fragrance shopping experience in stores.

The result is an interactive fragrance display created by New York-based retail tech company Perch that will roll out to select stores in May, letting customers shop by their favorite notes across different scent families. Shoppers will start by taking a quiz to narrow down their preferred scent family, and then will pick up each bottle on the display to learn more about its scent notes and the brand story. The digital interface will offer more information on each fragrance automatically the moment a shopper touches a bottle and will suggest scents that match their preferences.

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