AVNetwork - Eventful Shopping

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At Perch, that often means creating a digital signage display that surprises and delights shoppers.

“One of the big questions we get is how do you make digital seamless in a retail environment,” said Sumner. “In high-end traditional stores, they look at digital signage as potentially taking away from that feeling of exploring products organically. How do you balance the injection of digital in a way that is natural and not interruptive? People don’t want to just put an LCD screen on a wall, looping video. Shoppers can smell that advertising. So we try to figure out how to make the digital very embedded into the retail fixtures. We’re doing a project where the screen looks like wood until you touch the product, so people don’t realize it’s a screen and then all of a sudden a screen in the wood opens up and it creates a surprise, all in that luxury space that people are thinking of. So, how do you make sure it’s not just screens on a wall? How do you make sure it’s a special experience? How do they make sure the digital doesn’t detract from the shopper’s experience, that it’s really additive?”

In the end, of course, the key to a great digital signage display remains in usage.

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