CBINSIGHTS- Perch Named One of 110+ Startups Disrupting Brick and Mortar Retail

Perch_Disrupting Brick and Mortar Retail

Despite 90% of retail being done in brick and mortar stores, the rise of ecommerce has brought into doubt the staying power of these stores. It is believed that the brands and retailers that will thrive are leveraging new technologies to “bridge the gap” between digital and physical commerce.

To assist brands and retailers with this integration are companies that are leading the charge in “disrupting the industry”, and Perch is honored to be considered one of the “110+ Startups Disrupting Brick-And-Mortar Retail” by CB Information Services.

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Accenture- How to Unlock Trapped Value In Your Organization

One of the more significant challenges facing leadership teams today is unlocking the trapped value and potential within their organizations.

There are significant opportunities and strategies to leverage the resources you already have at your disposal to innovate in any industry. Perch saw an opportunity to innovate the in-store experience by uniting sensing technology and familiar technology like displays to create a more engaging and delightful customer experience.

In this episode of Innovation Decoded, Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive had the opportunity to sit down with Josh Klein and Leena Rao to break down some of the new technologies that are transforming the way we live, work, and think.

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FashNerd- Coty Launches "Clairol Color Expert" as Part of Digital Innovation Strategy

Interactive Retail Display_Perch

One of the more prevalent opportunities in the retail space today is integrating physical products with personalized digital experiences.

This integration is especially thriving in the beauty industry and can be seen in the development of “Clairol Color Expert” by Coty.

Coty is one of of the world’s largest beauty brands, and is collaborating with companies like Google and Perch Interactive to provide value not just in the products they sell, but in the expertise and service that comes with that product.

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Retail Touch Points Blog - Three Simple Tips for Retailers to Thrive This Holiday Season

Holiday demand is continuing to surge In-store and online, with in-store sales forecasted to rise 4.4% year-on-year and online sales estimated to grow by 16.6%.  In order for retailers to capture and maintain consumer attention they will need to design sharable experiences with an abundance of personalized products.  Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive sat down with  Retail Touch Points  to outline the top three simple tips that will help retailers thrive this Holiday season!     Read the full article here.

Holiday demand is continuing to surge In-store and online, with in-store sales forecasted to rise 4.4% year-on-year and online sales estimated to grow by 16.6%.

In order for retailers to capture and maintain consumer attention they will need to design sharable experiences with an abundance of personalized products.

Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive sat down with Retail Touch Points to outline the top three simple tips that will help retailers thrive this Holiday season!

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Retail Customer Experience - What you can expect from this year's Black Friday

Thanksgiving is nearly here, as is one of retail's biggest shopping events of the year: Black Friday. Brands have been pumping out special deals for the day leading up to the event with Amazon's "Countdown to Black Friday" event already in play and Walmart already swinging out their Black Friday deals for gaming systems, smart devices and TVs.

As consumers walk through the doors of their favorite stores Nov. 23, what will the customer experience look like for consumers as they browse for potential purchases, and how will retailers fare in the aftermath? Below are some predictions for what we can expect on Black Friday, and what this means for retailers.

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Apparel Magazine - The State of Fashion: How Tech Is Reshaping the Apparel Industry

Apparel Mag Fashion Marketing Technology.jpg

When you look at the fashion and tech industries, both continue to be a breeding ground for innovation. In both worlds, change is constant, and today it’s hard to ignore how technology is transforming the apparel retail space. Shoppers have shifted from browsing racks in clothing stores to browsing AI-powered recommendation engines in e-commerce sites to find their next outfit, forcing traditional apparel retailers to rethink their business strategies and adapt next-level technologies to create differentiated shopping experiences in-store.

From magic mirrors that enable customers virtually try on various outfits, to using AI algorithms to predict future style trends, apparel brands are using new technologies to bring greater automation and personalization to every facet of the shopping experience.

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Retail Dive - PERCH Announces Expansion of Physical+Digital Marketing Platform Into Grocery and CPG With Deployments Across Leading Grocers

Retail Dive Grocery Marketing CPG News.jpg

“We are seeing an incredible change in how consumers respond to products in-store and online and the integration of physical and digital shopping,” said Chris Walton, founder of the popular retail blog Omni Talk (https://omnitalk.blog/) and former head of Target’s Store of the Future. “With PERCH, retailers can engage customers with more immersive experiences integrated into their shelving and end caps, while brands can enhance and inform the experiences their customers have with their products. PERCH’s retail marketing platform automatically detects what products customers are picking up and PERCH’s analytics gives unique insights into how customers interact with products in-store and how that correlates to sales.”

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RIS - Kate Spade Adopts Interactive Augmented Reality to Personalize Store Experience

Perch Retain Innovation Kae Spade.jpg

Kate Spade New York has upped its technology game to enhance the in-store shopping experience. The retailer’s Make It Mine convertible handbag collection uses interactive retail marketing technology to help consumers customize the line of handbags, letting them explore a multitude of interchangeable accessories used to create a variety of personalized styles. 

Kate Spade New York partnered with interactive retail marketing platform PERCH on the technology and the two received an honorable mention in the Retail Environments category of Fast Company’s 2018 Innovation by Design Awards.

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Retail Innovation Hub - Kate Spade New York gets creative with Perch Interactive tech

Retail Innovation Hub Kate Spade Fast Company.jpg

Kate Spade New York and Perch Interactive have received an honourable mention in the Retail Environments category of Fast Company’s 2018 Innovation by Design Awards.

The former uses Perch’s retail marketing technology to help consumers customise their Make It Mine line of handbags. When shoppers pick up a bag, the Perch-enabled display detects which product the customer selected and immediately switches to the configurator for that bag on screen, where shoppers can explore all the corresponding flaps, straps and bag charms that can be customised for each bag. The experience, embedded within the retail shelving and displays, combines a blend of videos, how-to’s, product information, and allows customers to purchase their customised selections in-store or online.

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Omnitalk - Spotlight Series Podcast: Interview With Perch CEO Trevor Sumner

Omnitalk Retail Marketing Innovation Interview Trevor Sumner.jpg

Check out the Podcast with Omnitalk’s Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga as they discuss why we should be able to “click” physical retail products in brick and mortar shopping, the future of in-store analytics and why Perch CEO Trevor Sumner is too old to have such a millennial mindset.

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Branding Magazine - The C-Suite: Interview with Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive

Retail Marketing Interview Trevor Sumner in Branding Magazine.jpg

A long and thoughtful interview with Perch CEO Trevor Sumner.  Some excerpts:

"As an investor, adviser, and operator in spearheading tech for almost twenty years, Trevor Sumner is no stranger to tackling disruption and coming out alive. His current company, PERCH, has managed to innovate the in-store experience in a way that truly integrates digital. The omnichannel approach that Trevor and his team implement is the kind that takes consumers’ steps towards, touches of, and interactions with a product and transforms them into content- and data-driven experiences that fuel further discovery – and, of course, purchase. In fact, the resulting sales lifts land anywhere between 30% and 80%, a range that retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade, and Estee Lauder are willing to bet on.

"For all of the reasons above (and more), we decided to have a chat with Trevor and call upon his knowledge across 3D sensing technology, campaign management tools, and device management to see how magical in-store experiences can be built to surprise and delight customers for big and small brands alike."

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Forbes - The Facts And Myths Of The Retail Apocalypse That Isn't Approaching

Forbes Retail Apocalypse.jpg

Are brick and mortars failing because they can’t compete against online merchants, or is it that they can’t adapt to the needs of evolved shoppers? The long, loud boom of e-commerce continues to rattle brick and mortar sales, but it’s not likely to ultimately kill retail.

Consumers are still predominantly shopping in stores, where, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analysts90 percent of U.S. retail sales take place. The real threat is that online merchants want to win over the physical shopping masses, too. That’s why Amazon purchased Whole Foods supermarkets, installs gadget kiosks in malls and is building a chain of bookstores and university outposts and experimenting with convenience stores. Debunking the myths of the retail apocalypse can help explain just where the state of retail lies today.

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AlleyWatch - This NYC Startup Just Raised $1.7M to Prove that the Retail Apocalypse is Not Real

Perch Raises Round for Retail Marketing Technology.jpg

We’ve all heard the stats and have seen articles that mention how brick-and-mortar stores are coming to an end, but is that actually true? According to PERCH, the experiential marketing platform that uses patented, cutting-edge technology to give items a life of their own, the retail apocalypse is just talk. That’s because in the last six months this marketing company’s average deal size has doubled and it is growing 100% QoQ. Furthermore, PERCH collects data with every interaction and uses it to optimize the brand experience and impact.

AlleyWatch spoke with CEO Trevor Sumner to discuss how building this patented marketing platform that’s being used by brands like Jo Malone, Kate Spade, Delta, Reebok, and Neiman Marcus is revolutionizing the in-retail shopping experience.

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MarketScale - Making the In-Store Experience Memorable with Trevor Sumner of Perch Interactive

MarketScale Retail Making Retail In-Store Marketing Memorable.png

Technology that can give shoppers a shot of dopamine– that’s the shopping experience that’s now possible with today’s technology, said Trevor Sumner on today’s podcast, CEO of New York-based Perch Interactive. In this episode of the Retail Podcast, Trevor shares how Perch’s technology is bringing digital concepts into physical stores and creating unique customer experiences where shoppers are free to touch and pickup products that evoke a feeling.

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NRF Stores - Neiman Marcus grows customer engagement through interactive displays

NRF Stores Perch In-Store Retail Tech Neiman Marcus.png

Neiman Marcus has a long tradition of innovation and meeting its customers where they are — be that online, offline or both simultaneously. Last holiday season, the 111-year-old luxury retailer launched a pilot program in a Dallas store with digital display platform provider Perch Interactive to drive sales of shoes, denim and gifts.

Perch’s interactive displays detect products customers are touching or picking up and respond with digital content such as videos, how-tos, ratings and reviews, omnichannel ordering and product personalization. The displays, embedded in retail shelving, respond to customer behavior to engage customers, analyze behavior and increase sales between 30 and 80 percent, according to Perch.

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Retail TouchPoints - How a Digital Storefront Enhances The Physical Experience at Mizuno


Designed to “capture the new digital savvy customer and showcase Mizuno product cross-sport,” the digital solutions in place at Mizuno flagship stores are driving global customer engagement and loyalty. Mizuno operates one flagship store in the U.S., as well as others in key markets worldwide.

The digital display merchandising solution, provided by Perch, features self-serve technology that brings the digital online experience into the brick-and-mortar store. This technology is a key focus of the Mizuno Experience Center, located in The Battery, the U.S. flagship store in Atlanta. Here, shoppers can immerse themselves in digital experiences to book custom fittings for golf clubs or running shoes, assess their baseball swing, get gloves steamed and more.

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Perch Cited as Leader in eMarketer Customer Experience 2018 White Paper

Retail Customer Experience and Personalization - eMarketer.jpg


Trevor Sumner, CEO at retail marketing tech firm Perch Interactive, noted that the digital side of the house may be used to testing new experiences that are only intended to run for brief periods, an idea that may see resistance from the in-store team. “In-store, that typically requires installation and maintenance,” he said. “Changing even basic signage, in the traditional mindset, is a big deal. So part of [working together] is thinking through projects that aren’t about an installation [that lasts] for three months for the launch of a product, but [about installing] a media platform by which we promote product launches in general.”

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Glossy - How product customization (via Perch) is driving a new business strategy at Tapestry

Perch Product Customiation Kiosk at Kate Spade.png


At Kate Spade, the Make It Mine platform now gives customers 45 customizable bag design options, as well as the option to add accessories and monogramming to jewelry, bags and accessories. In stores, Kate Spade uses Perch technology to recreate the online product customization experience, by activating sensors when customers pick up a bag that can be customized. Once they do, a digital screen pulls up all possible embellishments, as well as a tutorial video demonstrating how to make a bag personalized. According to Kate Spade CMO Mary Renner Beech, Make It Mine draws about 120,000 interactions monthly, but the brand didn’t offer any other figures.

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