The Go-To NYC Retail Display Tour

Although we publish videos of many of our customer deployments on our website’s Customer Showcase page, to truly appreciate the magic of Digital+Physical marketing, it helps to see Perch in-store. Perch has been deployed throughout the US and in over 20 countries. Here is a selection of Perch retail implementations that you are welcome to visit and experience first-hand in NYC.

NYC Retail Tour_Kate Spade_Perch

Kate Spade New York - Their “Make It Mine” product configurator lets you personalize your bag, save your looks and email to purchase.

NYC Retail Tour_Jo Malone_Perch

Jo Malone @ Bloomingdale’s - Our Clio-award winning-fragrance combining cabinet has been deployed in over 10 countries, in tier 1 stores as they open.

NYC Retail Tour_Bumble_Perch

House of Bumble - Our hair care product education cabinet focuses on informing customers about the breadth of products Bumble and Bumble offers and how to use each one.

NYC Retail Tour_Aerin_Perch

Aerin @ Bloomingdale’s - Our newest fragrance experience highlights Aerin’s beautiful imagery.


Wildflower @ Bridges - The emerging cannabis industry has products that require education and explanation. Wildflower, Canada’s leading CBD products brand, uses Perch to guide customers through their CBD product collection through forward looking news-stand; Bridges General.

How We Grew Sales by 80% Using Digital Experiences In Retail

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Are you and your team designing customer experiences leveraging digital in-store marketing?

If so are you frustrated, overwhelmed, and overloaded with all the so-called “surefire” ways to increase in-store engagement time and convert that engagement into sales?

During this free workshop, you’ll discover the process we have used with dozens of brands and retailers to increase in-store engagement time by 5-10x, drive 30-80% sales lifts, and on average generate 422% ROI on in-store digital marketing.


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When: Tue, Feb 12, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Presented by: Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive

Trevor Will Also Be Covering:

  • The most effective ways to set up displays

  • Training sales associates to leverage the technology to accelerate the buying process

  • Leveraging interaction data to make informed decisions

  • Q&A at the end

In order to share these lessons Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive, recently put together a free online webinar we’d like to invite you to called, “How We Grew Sales by 80% Using Digital Experiences In Retail”.

The Essential Strategies and Technologies for Retailers in 2019 | Featuring PSFKxRIWxHIghStreet


For retailers to thrive in 2019 they will need to use physical spaces as a method of marketing, integrate physical+digital in their customer experiences, acquire and manage customer data effectively, and develop increasingly sophisticated automation delivery and logistics tools.

In this episode of The PERCH Experience industry leaders: 

Breakdown the essential strategies and technologies that will shape retail in 2019, Microsoft and Kroger’s plan to design the future of grocery, the evolution of the retail sales associate, and the role of data in designing retail experiences.

About the Panel

Piers Fawkes is a recognized thought leader when it comes to retail and CX innovation. Since 2004, his company PSFK research reports, events and newsletters have been inspiring retailers, brands and their partners to create better customer experiences. His team at PSFK are also called upon by forward thinking US brands and Silicon Valley tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Nike to help develop their future retail strategies. In 2019, Piers will be launching Retail Innovation Weeks in New York, London and Las Vegas to create even more inspiration for industry professionals.

Ed King is Co-Founder, Customer Experience Strategy for HighStreet. They call Ed “The Mad Scientist” for a reason. Give him insights and he'll not only get to the why, but he’ll uncover the non-conscious reasons they're happening — and which ones are CX gold. And here is where the magic resides: Ed’s background as a creative director, change management consultant, sidebar empath and guerrilla neuro-maestro makes him a left brained/right brained strategic weapon. The only thing he loves more than cracking category conventions is sharing the data stories around the results.

Shannan Coghill has been designing experiences for over 15 years and now the Global Experience Design Director at Michael Kors. A techy at heart and a designer by trade, she was doing CX before it was cool, consistently approaching opportunities via the golden trifecta: the needs of the customer, the needs of the business and the opportunities for the brand to stand apart uniquely. Working within agencies, startups and the walls of iconic retail brands, she has preached and proven that experiences should be informed by empathy, inspired by ‘what if?’, digitally and physically integrated and 360º in story. With a strategic mindset, she has created experience ecosystems that drove mad customer passion and loyalty, measurable ROI, and a myriad of manifestations while doing this for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Michael Kors, American Eagle, REI, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, SC Johnson, WebMD, Nike, Johnson & Johnson and Verizon.

Trevor Sumner is the CEO of Perch Interactive, the leader in interactive Physical + Digital retail displays that can detect when touch or pick up products and then respond with product-specific digital experiences that consistently drive 30-80% sales lift. Perch has won numerous Clio, Digi Edison and retail design awards and was named one of the 15 tech companies to watch in 2018 by Forbes. Trevor has been a founder, investor, advisor and operator for cutting-edge technology companies with multiple successful exits and is a regular contributor to business and technology publications such as Inc, Forbes, TechCrunch and Mashable. Trevor is a native New Yorker, an avid fisherman (he caught a 600 lb Black Marlin), an amateur chef and an adventure scuba diver who has dived on every continent including Antarctica.

This Week in Retail Marketing Innovation - May 21st, 2018

Mobile commerce heats up with AR in Facebook Messenger and shoppable Instagram, but Walmart pulls a major in-store mobile initiative citing frictions in adoption. Trucking prices are spiking because of driver shortage, increasing costs. And loyalty programs are front and center, while overall there is a lot of positive news from Macy’s, Lowes, Kohl’s, Walmart and others.

Why Retailers Are Acquiring Companies At a Breakneck Pace (INFOGRAPHIC)

Retail technology is hot.  The entire industry is reinventing itself centered around technology to facilitate organizational transformation.   If you've been reading along, you may have been thinking as I have, "why are retailers acquiring these technology companies versus choosing to license their technology?"  It's a good question and it comes down to people and organizations.