Coravin Launches "Wow Factor" Displays at Bloomingdale's to Drive Product Awareness and Sales

Coravin Launches "Wow Factor" Displays at Bloomingdale's to Drive Product Awareness and Sales

Talk to any sommelier or oenophile and they certainly know Coravin.  What do you do if you want to open that precious bottle of wine, but don't necessarily want to finish the whole bottle?  Would you let it spoil?  With Coravin, you don't have to. 

Coravin's cool device allows you to open a bottle without pulling the cork and then when you are done, it fills the bottle with Argon gas that prevents the wine from spoiling (caused by exposure to oxygen, also known as "oxidation").    Just like that, you can keep that half-finished bottle for as long as you like.   If you wonder how some restaurants offer 20 wines or more by the glass, chances are they are using Coravin technology. 

Coravin's Steel Blue

Coravin's Steel Blue

As a wine lover myself (and a WSET Level 2 certified sommelier), I love Coravin products.   There's just one problem ... It's hard to explain how the product works to new customers, why it is so valuable and which of their three levels of products is right for a consumer.  In short, product marketing in retail environments is difficult.   If you are selling through a retail network with shared sales associates, you can't assume they will deliver the right product message every time and wow a customer like using the product wows a wine-lover. 

When Coravin, came to PERCH they were looking to achieve three key product marketing objectives:

  1. Educate customers on Coravin products- people are still unaware of all of its features and capabilities
  2. Provide inspiration by sharing inspirational wine education content
  3. Wow customers

Coravin created a gorgeous interactive retail display featuring both winery partners and their Coravin Systems and accessories.   Every time a customer touches a product, the embedded PERCH display launches a rich media experience telling stories of the products and the wines, what customers can expect and which products to pick based on a customer's needs.     The giant 7'8 by 6'6 display is both elegant and effective in drawing attention in a densely populated wine department.  The large 55" screen is playing an "attract" video that stands out from the static product displays.

Coravin Interactive Retail Display 1.jpg

Once a customer is attracted to the visually stunning display, they are encourage to pick up or touch a product.  Then the magic begins.   

Coravin interactive retail display engage.jpg

The PERCH display now knows which product the customer is holding and can message how the product works with videos, text and links to more information.   One key aspect to the sales experience is to choose the right model for you, with products that range from $199-399.   A simple chart helps guide the customer to feel comfortable with the right model for their needs - all without the help of a sales associate or having to read small type on multiple product packages at once.   

With PERCH Coravin can now effectively create vastly increased customer engagement with interactive product marketing that changes the experience and joy of shopping at Bloomingdale's.   

PERCH always looks for retail store sales lift.  We have routinely seen 30-80% product sales lift and in the beverage category, we typically have seen about 50%.  Of course, those were with smaller displays.  This stunning PERCH implementation is sure to break records and we look forward to seeing the sales data.   

PERCH boasts 30-80% product sales lift, 5-10x customer engagement and 2-16x ROI

PERCH boasts 30-80% product sales lift, 5-10x customer engagement and 2-16x ROI