PERCH 2017 - A Year in Review

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A note from our CEO

I wanted to write and give you an update of everything we were able to accomplish, new technologies we brought to market and, of course, highlight some of customer successes and case studies.

We continue to want to work with you at PERCH as new opportunities present themselves. More retailers and brands than ever are ushering in the sea change from static physical stores to interactive, media-rich digital stores with PERCH.

Let me know when the time might be right for you. Just email me at to set up a meeting.

Trevor Sumner

Perch Interactive


PERCH 2017 by the numbers.jpg

30+ New Clients

Pushing Digital + Physical Experience Innovation

PERCH launched with over 30 new clients in 2017 across accessories, electronics, CPG, beverage, apparel, department stores, cruise lines, events and much more. We’ve published a couple case studies for Neiman Marcus, Lenovo, Kate Spade and Pernod Ricard with more coming this quarter. 

retail marketing sales lift.png

2017 Was All Business

Consistently measuring 5-10x customer engagement and 30-80% sales lift

PERCH has won many design awards including a Clio, Digi and IDA design awards. In 2017, we put a lot more focus on the business justification of using PERCH in-store. We regularly measure the sales impact of PERCH by comparing before and after sales numbers and growth against comp stores. We’ve seen consistent 30-80% sales lift across categories, which is driving 100-800% ROIs. PERCH is a profit generator!

PERCH Deployed globally.png

We expanded globally

to over 20 countries in 5 continents

We’ve been rapidly expanding our international footprint through partners and through international brands such as Jo Malone. Our embedded technology can be found across the globe and we are actively expanding our partner and delivery network.

Coravin Unit.jpg

We grew the PERCH team!

2017 was an inflection year for PERCH as interactive retail display investment increased remarkably, as trial customers converted to larger rollouts and we invested a lot into our technology platform. The most important investment we made is in our people. The PERCH team grew 50% in 2017, including hiring our new CEO, Trevor Sumner, who now works closely with Jared Schiffman, our founder and CTO. We are hiring, so if you know anyone eager to join the Physical + Digital retail revolution, send them our way!


PERCH's Fault Rates

dropped 80% in 2017

The reason our clients, partners and creative agencies use PERCH is that it is a reliable, powerful and easy-to-use platform. In 2017, we saw our already-low fault rates drop by 80%. The mean time between failure is now over 10 months, and 90% of those failures simply require a reconnection to wifi or reboot. The result is that we almost never have to send a technician onsite after installation. Operational issues are always a concern in in-store retail tech. We’ve made big strides to support hundred- or thousand- unit installations with ease.