The Edison Awards Names PERCH a Finalist for Retail Innovation

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My father was a Bell Labs veteran of 40 years.  My brother worked at Bell Labs and became CTO of Lucent.  And I interned at AT&T Bell Labs in college.   We were a Bell Labs family.   And being part of that heritage means a lot to me.  We were a family of inventors, and there are few organizations with the rich history of invention like Bell Labs.  It's a point of familial pride to be associated with such an organization.

So when I found out we were nominated for the prestigious Edison Awards, the whole team was excited.  When we read more about the history of the Edison Awards and previous finalists and winners like Apple, Amazon, Dyson, 3M, Walt Disney and Nike, we became even more giddy. 

So I couldn't be prouder to announce that we have been selected as an Edison Award finalist.  That means we are in the top 3 of an industry of companies that is quite humbling.   We are so thankful to be recognized for all the hard work and invention that has gone in to making Perch the leading mixed reality marketing program for retail.   I think Edison said it quite well:


It amazes me the amount we accomplish in just a quarter through the hard work of a very talented and diverse team here at Perch.   I am encouraged by the conversations we are having now with forward looking brands, retailers and retail marketing leaders about the sea change from static physical stores to media-rich, interactive digital ones.   And the opportunity ahead is simply massive...  

So thank you to all of the judges who see the spark of innovation in what we do.   And thank you to all the clients who have taken a chance on innovative technology and are seeing the 30-80% sales lift and 5-10x customer engagement that's changing an industry.   

We can't wait to find out if we win in April!