Introducing the Interactive Retail Display Case - The Latest Perch Embedded Form Factor

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Perch Interactive Retail Display Case.jpeg

At Perch, we are constantly thinking about how to bring interactive digital experiences to physical retail experiences.   We are the pioneers in digital experiences launched by the physical action of a customer touching or picking up products.  But some products are so valuable that they can't be freely touched and picked up in the natural browsing of shoppers.  For jewelry, watches, medical health, electronics and many more categories, products are protected in display cases requiring sales associates for product exploration.  Not anymore...

As part of our recent initiative to extend digital interaction into any part of static retail displays, we are introducing a new method for Perch embedded technology to be integrated into display cases, making the glass itself interactive, just like the screen of an iPad.  


By touching the glass of the display case in indicated areas, Perch's interactive retail marketing platform reads physical gestures and actions and can launch digital experiences either within the case or backlit behind it.  

We will be announcing some big launches using this new form factor design in Q2 in the luxury and medical health spaces.  We are seeing 30-80% lift across categories.    If you have products in display cases, perhaps they are so valuable it's worth enhancing the merchandizing experience with digital content.