Working at Perch - Attributes We Celebrate In Our People

Working in a high-growth company is never easy. Every process is under continuous stress as you drive to ever-increasing levels of scale. It’s challenging. You have to constantly trail blaze new territories, come up with clever solutions, and balance urgencies with investing in making everything better - the product, the team, the culture, the office, the communication, the tools, etc.

That’s why A-players thrive in high-growth environments. They can have an even bigger impact and aren’t trapped by the traditional silos and constraints of bigger companies.

But what is an A-player? It’s a bit different at every company based on their culture. Here are the qualities we look for at Perch.


You say what you are going to do and do it, on time.   People can count on you and your commitment to yourself and the team. You recognize that meeting commitments avoids increased workloads, disappointed clients and internal frustrations.  


You deliver above and beyond as a mantra. You propose solutions not problems. You are a constant and positive force.  If you are blocked, you work to unblock things and bubble that up. You tell the team if something is going to be delayed well before the deadline.


You strive to learn from each and every experience.  You drive to continuously improve your skill sets, knowledge and networks.  You actively seek out answers to open questions, actively request feedback and incorporate it.  

Collaborative and Communicative

You create your best work with others.  Have great communication skills. You seek to help others and make their lives better, recognizing how heavily we rely on each other.

Mission Driven

You are down with the Perch mission: To revolutionize in-store retail marketing by uniting physical products with digital marketing. Revolutionizing the industry means constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do along with the quality and capability of our products and services. 

If the above sounds like you, it doesn’t matter if we have an open job req or not. We want to meet you. We want to understand why this might be the right opportunity for you. Email us at with why you want to meet and why you think you excel at the above. Building the team is the most important thing I do as CEO. I hope you want to be a part of this amazing journey ahead.