Calculating All the Hidden ROI of In-Store Digital initiatives

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Did you know 82% of purchase decisions are being made in-store? 34% of those shoppers are not coming into a retail location with a specific intention anymore.

This trend indicates that people are discovering products more and more in-store, instead of having a clear plan for their shopping. As a result, companies are spending billions on displays and other forms of point of purchase (POP) marketing, and although its power is undeniable, it’s also a considerable investment for most retailers.

ROI data is no longer a “nice to have”. Retailers need to see Return on Investment (ROI) when they implement changes to their in-store marketing efforts. ROI is a tool, not just an indicator. It indicates the health of your marketing efforts, but it is a tool that could help you determine if you need to move an initiative in another direction.

However, as the retail landscape continues to evolve, so does the way we must measure the ROI of our in-store marketing efforts.

Traditional retail metrics like:

  • Same-store sales growth

  • Same-store traffic growth

  • Comparisons to e-commerce channels

  • Results of short lived "tests"

However, there are some traditionalists that will stick to these metrics, and then claim that 60% of promotional initiatives have negative ROI (UpClear 2017).

An in-store digital marketing display can boost sales 30%-80% with a proper interface, strategy, and design; however, an effective in-store marketing initiative is never perfect out of the gate, it needs constant attention and adjustment, and understanding all of the hidden ROIs from your in-store initiatives can completely shape your strategy.

Join Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive, for this free online webinar in which you will be able to learn how to calculate all of the hidden ROIs of in-store promotional initiatives.

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