FREE WEBINAR: Revolutionizing the In-Store Experience - How In-store Product Engagement Marketing Generated 80% Sales Lift for Kate Spade, Johnson & Johnson, Jo Malone, and more

FREE 1-HOUR WEBINAR with Trevor Sumner

Are you and your team designing customer experiences leveraging digital in-store marketing?

If so are you frustrated, overwhelmed, and overloaded with all the so-called “surefire” ways to increase in-store engagement time and convert that engagement into sales?

During this free webinar, you’ll discover the process we have used with dozens of brands and retailers to increase in-store engagement time by 5-10x, drive 30-80% sales lifts, and on average generate 422% ROI on in-store digital marketing.


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Presented by: Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch

Trevor Will Also Be Covering:

  • The most effective ways to set up displays

  • Training sales associates to leverage the technology to accelerate the buying process

  • Leveraging interaction data to make informed decisions

  • Q&A at the end

In order to share these lessons Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive, recently put together a free online webinar we’d like to invite you to called, “How We Grew Sales by 80% Using Digital Experiences In Retail”.