FREE WEBINAR: Physical+Digital in Health and Wellness

FREE 1 HOUR WEBINAR with Trevor Sumner

What do prospective shoppers think of when they think of health and medical products?

  • "How is this going to affect me?"

  • "Is this the right application for me?"

  • "Does the company selling the product have the pedigree to sell this?"

There is an overpowering number of uses for medical products from treating anxiety to back pain. These products come in many forms including topical, droplets, capsules, tinctures and vaporizers.

These applications require a great deal of education to make consumers feel comfortable online and in-store to remove friction from the in-store buying process.

Join this FREE Webinar: Tuesday August 6, at 2pm EST

Presented by: Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive

Perch has had the opportunity to work on deployments with a plethora of health and medical companies including Invisalign, Wildflower Brands Inc., Nestle, and Johnson & Johnson.

Through these deployments, we have had the opportunity to analyze and optimize their in-store campaigns to understand what makes them successful in accelerating the buying process and building customer loyalty,

Many people believe that retail is dying, and there is nothing health and medical companies could do to change that, fortunately, that’s not true. There is a formula and even if you don’t have the extensive physical+digital experience, you can get results

Perch recently put together a free online webinar called, "Physical+Digital in Health and Wellness: How CBD companies, Invisalign, & Johnson & Johnson are transforming physical retail.

During this free webinar

  • You’ll learn the process of deciding on and developing a physical+digital experience

  • Projected ROI when launching one of these experiences, ways to optimize these campaigns

  • A live Q&A with Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch

We will be sharing the exact process we used to get success for brands like Wildflower Brands Inc., Invisalign, and Johnson & Johnson.

It’s time tested, proven, and works for any retailer or brand.

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