How This New York Startup Grew by 7.9x in One Year [Infographic]

2018 was a monumental year for Perch. Certainly, we have been fortunate to have been early innovators in the Physical+Digital revolution. We cut our teeth early with computer vision technology, integrated shelving, analyzing consumer behavior and how they interacted in a world that merged both digital and physical interactions with products.

2018 was a breakout type of year for us as you can see from the infographic below. We increased our network by 7.9x! We drove real business results for our clients and partners. We further established ourselves as industry and thought leaders. And we worked across more industry verticals than ever before. Take a look!


How Perch Grew Our Network 7.9x in a Year

  1. We built the A-Team

    In 2018 we grew our team by 50%, and brought in folks who had the customer service, operational, and marketing experience we needed so we could scale. We have 3 new VPs and continue to hire an A-team. Interested in joining Perch and leading the Physical+Digital revolution?

  2. We forced companies to measure ROI

    We have a lot of retailers and brands interested in creating magical one-off experiences with Perch. The technology is exactly that, magical, but we believe Physical+Digital is a foundational shift that should be deployed throughout your stores, not just in your flagship. To justify that commitment to operations, you have to measure sales lift and have to measure ROI. We mandate it in a statistically significant method. We are much less interested in one-off projects than proving out the future of retail at scale. We are a software technology company not an agency (although our design team is ready to go toe to toe with any of them). We are the retail engagement platform of the future and we have some major announcements of sizable rollouts changing the face of retail. We are looking for partners that are ready to see the impact at scale, and not get left behind.

  3. We productized the platform

    2018 was the year that we truly standardized our components and applications, making Physical+Digital deployment easier than ever. Most of the amazing experiences that drive in-depth consumer engagement can be built by dragging and dropping media files. Pretty amazing. We also reduced the cost of the platform and opened up new markets like CPG and Grocery.

  4. We listened to our clients and their customers

    With any products there are challenges and frictions that obstruct adoption along the way. We listened to our clients about what was important to them and what was hindering them. IT group blocking your implementation? Not with Perch. We now ship with our own 4G hotspots, encrypt our data and capture no PII. Just plug Perch in and no need to wait for IT approvals. That’s just one of many ways we have made the product easier to adopt.

    We also conducted extensive customer feedback and usability sessions to understand how customers interact with products, how to inject digital seamlessly into the shopper journey, and how to drive engagement and ultimately sales. The best practices in Physical+Digital interaction can have a 3-5x lift in conversion. That’s why you work with the industry leader.

  5. We rapid prototyped solutions and drove a learning organization

    The only way to grow is to learn, and the only way to learn is to test a plethora of solutions. We tested new hardware, design implementations, and deployment practices allowing us to identify the inefficiencies in some of our previous deployments making new deployments that much easier. We shared all those learnings with our clients.

People. Strategy. Customer-Centricity. Rapid Learning. That has been our secret to success and we are doubling down on it in 2019. Thank you for being a part of our story!