Perch Honored By The Lead As Top 100 Retail Technology Company

We couldn’t be more excited to have been selected as one of the 100 technology companies revolutionizing retail by The Lead.  To be in the ranks of industry names like RetailNext, BossaNova, BounceX, Percolate, Shopkeep and Tulip is amazing.  Each of the retail innovation awards Perch has racked up is individual in its own way, and thus special to us.  It’s not like we have a PR team like so many of the other companies on the list. 

In fact, Perch has the least amount of venture funding on the entire list.  The vast majority of companies on the list have raised tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.  


Instead, we’ve been focusing on building our product and company organically, proving the technology out and now at greater scalability than ever before.  Last year, the number of Perch displays exploded 7.9x YoY.  And we have case studies and enthusiastically referenceable clients across beauty, fragrance, CPG, med / health, electronics,  accessories,  jewelry and more.   We are consistently showing 30-80% sales lift, and in one high-margin client over 200%!!! 

That said, we’ve just begun.  You can click on a product online to get more information.   Why can’t you in-store?  The click is product touch and we have the patent on detecting what products shoppers are touching to respond with product-specific digital media.  It’s a tremendously powerful concept and our entire retail marketing platform is built around it.  True product marketing in-store.  A new space.  Product Engagement Marketing.  And we aren’t going to stop until you click on them all.  

And that’s what makes this honor so special.   Thank you to The Lead.  Thank you to our clients and their vision.  And thank you most of all to the Perch team, who are the stars behind everything we do.  And yes, we are hiring!