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PHYSICAL + DIGITAL Retail Marketing


Perch technology can be embedded into any retail display

Perch can be built into a wide range of fixtures, from a single shelf display to an entire wall of products.

perch embedded in retail displays.jpg

in Single Shelf Displays



in Interactive Tables

perch embedded in multi-shelving displays.jpg

in Multi-shelf Displays

perch embedded in LCD displays.jpg

in Display Tables



In End Caps

Perch embedded in luxury retail displays.jpg

in Cases and Cabinets


In Display Cases

Use our fabricator or yours.
We make it easy either way.

The Perch Cloud helps you scale from 5 to 500 stores

Perch Cloud is a platform engineered to make retail rollouts simple and manageable.

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Real-time Analytics

Perch displays track every shopper interaction, including when they approach, which products they touch most,  and pickup and how long they're are engaged.

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Campaign Management

The Perch Cloud hosts an easily accessible campaign management system that lets you deploy your latest content to hundreds of stores with the simple click of a button.

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Fleet management

In addition to campaign management and real-time analytics, the Perch Cloud keeps tabs on every Perch displayed in store, and issues alerts if anything looks unusual.

Perch Analytics gives you insight
into shopper preferences and in-store behavior


Perch tracks every interaction, from picking up products to tapping the screen, and gives you access to all this data in realtime.


Customer Count


Perch reports the exact number of shoppers that interact with your products every single day.

Product Interactions


You can also see which products shoppers touch and pick up the most, and the relative count between them.

Engagement Time


Perch measures how long customers are engaged with the display and reports an average measure per day.


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