The Enterprise-Class Retail Marketing Platform for Delivering Physical+Digital Product Experiences In-Store




Sense which products shoppers are touching
with Perch Sensing technology


Perch Sensing

Perch’s patented sensing technologies analyze in-store customer behavior to detect which products customers are touching to respond with a highly personalized digital message or application at the critical moment of product consideration.  The results are a magical bridge between Physical + Digital that drives engagement.

Perch supports computer vision, optical frames, RFID, BTLE, and other standards.


Embeddable in Any Retail Display

Perch technology is not a standalone kiosk that customers don’t want to interact with. Instead, Perch is designed to be embedded directly into retail fixtures where customers are already shopping, touching and experiencing products. The result is the most seamless integration of digital into your store aesthetic and experience.


Respond and Engage


Create in-store experiences for detected products. Build interactive apps with Perch CMS and Perch AppBuilder


App Builder

Deliver your product’s message with fidelity with marketing and apps that help guide the customer through their shopper journey. Education, comparison, cross-sell, configuration, augmented reality try-on, mobile sign up, omni channel ordering and other experiences can be developed to educate, entertain and engage your customers with our simple to use AppBuilder.  Most Perch Apps are built by dragging and dropping media files with our powerful AppBuilder templates.


Perch CMS

The Perch CMS manages all content associated with your products such as names, prices, options, descriptions, videos, curated social media, images, ratings and more. Perch CMS can pull data from your existing product data stores so information is kept up to date.



Analyze and Manage

Monitor and get in-store shopper analytics with Perch Cloud


In-Store Analytics

Perch analyzes every customer and product interaction to provide newfound visibility for brands and retailers further up in the sales funnel.  Use Perch Analytics to determine which products are not converting, which A-B tested messages are most effective or which demographics are engaging with your products.


IoT Device Management

Perch is built for scale – 50-, 500- or 5,000-unit deployments can be easily managed from the cloud.  Every device pings the cloud each minute and sends a screenshot so you can see the health of your device network centrally.  Each Perch device can be managed and updated centrally with a push of a button.


Perch’s patented, award-winning platform can be used to build a wide variety of applications to educate, entertain and engage your shoppers, drive 30-80% sales lift and 300-2,200% ROIs.


Product Configuration and Personalization


The Perch Product Personalization engine lets consumers visually configure their products and be able to visualize thousands of combinations with or without sales associate assistance. Additionally, you can offer options that are not available in-store and allow them to purchase online.

Product Comparison and Recommendation

Educate and guide shoppers in choosing the right product for them. Either provide a product comparison diagram for exploration or create a needs analysis app that recommends the right product based on their individual needs.  By building confidence, you increase conversion rates.


Virtual Try On and Augmented Reality

Simply touch a product to try it on! Help clients visualize your products with virtual try-on and magic mirror experiences powered by augmented reality engines. Perch hooks into YouCam, Modiface and Holition engines to create experiences where shoppers try-on more products, engage at record levels and in turn, purchase considerably more. It’s a fun and shareable experience.


Cross-sell, Accessorizing and Regimenting

Market your product offerings as whole, increase basket size and deepen customer engagement with your product line by effectively cross-promoting products during the shopper journey. Promote common accessories and complimentary products, build a beauty regimen or educate customers on add-on services to maximize your margins ARPU.

Omnichannel Ordering and
CRM Capture

Perch offers omni-channel ordering via web email, mobile, QR code, etc.  You can use Perch to drive email and text sign-ups and see costs that are comparable to online campaigns.   And Perch can suggest endless aisle products that are not in-store to decrease inventory while increasing conversion.

3rd Party APIs

Perch as a platform is designed to hook into 3rd party systems such as existing digital signage, application software, third party CMS or DAM, analytics and more.