Single brand retailers are making waves with the leading Digital + Physical retail marketing platform


Drive 30-80% sales lift on products that you feature – an easy ROI case.


Delight customers with magical, interactive campaigns that drive 5-10x engagement and increased same store sales.


Seamlessly integrate PERCH into your existing displays or create new ones with your fabricators or ours.


Update campaigns in minutes to feature new products or campaigns.  Use your creative teams or ours.


With the sales lift, PERCH more than pays for itself

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Research proves the power of product touch

Touching a product makes consumers 40-60% more likely to purchase  (U. Chicago)

Shoppers value a product 75% more if they hold it for just 30 seconds (Ohio University)


The Future of Retail is Now - Winner Best Interactive Digital Signage Product for Retail


2016 International Design Awards Winner in Collaboration with Brand Creative for GoSport

Digi Award for Best Interactive Signage for Retail

2016 Clio Silver for Visual Merchandising in the Beauty: Design Category 


Large-scale retail implementations with minimal hassle and support overhead

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+81% higher sales in stores with PERCH compared stores without
for featured product.

Lenovo Retail Report (based on avg. sales/store/day)


We've thought through project delivery so you don't have to

  • Flexible implementation models - use your creative teams and fabricators or use ours.  We’re easy!

  • 4G WiFi hotspots-  minimize IT integration and Perch can be easily retrofitted into most retail displays.

  • White glove service designed for hassle-free installation, maintenance and support

  • Cloud-based campaign management system deploys new marketing campaigns or specific store updates with a push of a button

  • Perch continuously collects valuable in-store customer analytics, allows store-by-store segmentation and monitors system health at all times

PERCH - the leading platform in digital + physical retail marketing management

What could you do if you could trigger a digital experience when a customer touches your product? The most innovative platform in interactive retail display has both the breadth and depth to support your custom implementation needs.


Powerful Campaign Templates -
Use our application templates to deploy product configurators, product selection wizards, brand impact campaigns, or educational journies


Campaign Management System - Easily upload existing digital assets to create magical in-store experiences with minimal effort.


Physical Retail Analytics Platform - Our retail analytics cloud provides insights into customer and product engagement and can be segmented by campaign or store.


Customer Sensing Technology - Supports a wide variety of customer sensing technology for busy retail environments including computer vision, frame technology and RFID.


Large Scale Deployment Management - Manage thousands of in-store devices with custom campaign management, software upgrades and system health monitoring and alerts.


What are you waiting for?  The future of retail is now!

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