PERCH Interactive Template: Overview

With the PERCH Interactive Template you can design, build, and deploy your own apps for your PERCH units (Client Produced). You can also leave the design and build of your app to PERCH (PERCH Produced). Follow the links below for everything you need to know - from understanding the possibilities and constraints of the PERCH Interactive Template, to best practices for designers, and step-by-step instructions for final deployment.




  1. Introducing the PERCH Interactive Template - learn about the possibilities of the template from live demos and a structural overview.


Client Produced

  1. Design your PERCH app using our guidelines and best practices.

  2. Build your PERCH app by placing content in the PERCH Interactive Template folder structure.

  3. Deploy your app to your PERCH unit(s) using the PERCH Dashboard cloud platform.


PERCH Produced

  1. Choose design services that match your goals and needs.


Downloads (pdf)

Click the links to download pdf files with detailed explanations and instructions on the PERCH Interactive Template.

  1. PERCH Interactive Template: Layer Structure and Parameters
  2. Configuring your PERCH app (tab positioning and more)
  3. PERCH best practices ( coming soon )