PSFK Features an Interview with PERCH's Founder, Jared Schiffman

Retailers' in-store technology shouldn't overcomplicate the shopping experience.

Retail is on the verge of fundamentally changing its mindset around the use of technology. As new technologies become available and shoppers embrace online and mobile environments, retailers are seeking to understand the role technology and digital media should play in-store.

At PERCH, we work with online retailers wanting to bring the digital experience into a physical space, and with brick-and-mortar retailers wishing to delight store visitors with digital experiences while retaining the sensory depth of physical interaction. With our retail partners, we see how the future of retail is about designing an interactive experience that engages the senses, furthers the connection between shopper and product, and combines the best of analog and digital. And, most importantly, this experience must work for both the shopper and the retailer.

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