Interactive Jewelry Marketing Case


The Pomellato x PERCH experience is the future of jewelry marketing. Most jewelry is locked behind a glass case, and a prospective customer has to wait for a sales associate before they could do any real exploration. To further exacerbate the issue, there are seldom enough sales associates to properly serve interested buyers, therefore a prospective customer is left standing and the sale may be lost.

The Pomellato x PERCH experience is emblematic of the opportunity to engage and educate customers before a sales associate comes over. This is a guided selling experience that empowers a prospect and a sales associate to be taken on a custom journey that will communicate the value of the pieces that are being explored, creating the feeling that the jeweler is an authority in their field with a rich history and quality in their design and production.

This display case design has also been used for other high end items including luxury watches. PERCH can integrate it’s technology into any form factor from display cases, cabinets, end caps, and in-aisle displays, meaning if you see an opportunity to integrate digital into your physical retail experiences contact us and we’d be more than happy to explore the possibilities.