Retail Marketing Blog Relaunch

Retail Marketing Innovation Blog Relaunch

Welcome to the relaunch of the Retail Marketing Innovation Blog.   The retail industry is at a fascinating inflection point.   Despite many pessimistic views, the retail industry is growing at 4% per year and ¾ of retailers beat their EPS targets in Q2.   What we have is an industry in rapid transformation.   Brands and retailers are that are more deeply understanding their clients than ever before with data unlocked from interactions online and in-store are investing heavily in recreating the in-store experience using technology such as mobile, voice, payments, digital signage and 3D computer vision.  

We will be covering retail in these revolutionary times with a weekly news round-up, some thought pieces and some coverage of innovative clients that are using our interactive retail marketing displays and technology effectively.   We hope you enjoy it.    Feel free to engage us on our Facebook page or leave comments for us here.   Let us know what you want us to cover. 

Thank you for being a part of our retail exploration in these fascinating times.