Adding Magic to Your CES Booth – Free Sense for Your Killer Products

As you may have seen, we launched the PERCH Sense, the most portable and affordable way to bring your products to life with digital content launched when customers touch your product.  We are long past the days where consumer electronics products could be described by feeds and speeds.   Leading companies like Apple, Bragi, Samsung, and Google know that brands and products need to tell a story – and they are investing massively in digital already.  

But why is most of that digital product marketing investment lost at trade shows and in-store?  Why is it not shown?   Too many products and not enough signage space?

That’s why we created Sense and all of our PERCH interactive retail displays.   To make a big impact on customers the moment they touch your product.   To surprise and delight.  And to open up an engaging digital experiences for each of your products.

And at PERCH, we like to put our money where our mouth is.  So we are going to give 3 lucky brands a PERCH Sense for the big NRF show.   We’ll ship you out a Sense to attach to an LCS screen and make it product aware!    You are responsible for the videos.  We will bring the magic.

To request to be one of the lucky 3, just email us at   Do you want to make CES magic?   Let’s show you what PERCH can do. 

And of course, we will be at CES too.   Check us out at the Orbbec booth or powering several of your favorite brands.   Get ready for CES!