Perch Company Core Values

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I've been a part of a lot of high-growth companies in my career, which always puts a lot of stress on the organization.   Often half of the people have been working at the company for less than a year.  Hiring is always the most important job as an executive, but you have to build the organization on a solid foundation of values. 

I'll admit that most of the time I have gone through "company values" exercises that it's usually more antics than anthem.   At Perch, we have pledged to instill our values in our DNA, in our operating processes, in how we recognize each other's efforts and contribution and in the language of which we speak.   I wanted to share these publicly, so you know what to expect of us and what we expect of ourselves.  It helps to hold us accountable, sure, but just as importantly, it's an example of the pride and spirit that each of us brings to the work we are doing redefining the retail industry.   

Here's what we value at Perch.  

Think big and play to win

Retail is a $4 trillion industry and a $20 billion in-store advertising market!  We are 1/10th of where we will be in just 2 years. That requires us to demand more of our products and systems and more of ourselves.  It forces us to ask what does a 500 store rollout look like and create and deploy the systems to scale and ultimately win.  It forces us to constantly play at a higher level, project success and act bigger than we are, to continuously earn the the business from our customers and partners.

Invent the future and own it

Perch is revolutionizing the in-store retail experience, ushering in a new era of telling product stories and enabling communities.  Bold reinvention requires us to constantly question what we are doing now and reimagine the way we should be doing things. That’s everyone’s job in every area of the company.  It’s upon each and every one of us to usher in the future we want to see and we are all empowered to enact the changes we need.  And we are accountable to what we say we are going to do.

Shine a light

They say light is the best antiseptic. We can’t solve key problems or address challenges unless we know they are there. Problems left in the dark are a cancer. We all should feel empowered to shine a light to issues that we see, anywhere in the organization. We should enlighten ourselves through reflection upon our successes while honestly and openly confronting and learning from our failures.  Innovation requires mis-steps along the way to success. We are not afraid to fail and step into the light.

Find the learning

Every conversation is an opportunity to learn.  Every customer who cancels or doesn’t buy.  Every failure.  Every success. We are not afraid of confrontation to suss out the tough answers that allow us to grow.  We don’t tolerate answers we know are untrue or unsatisfactory.  We constantly question why so we can figure out how to invent the future.

Perch is a team sport

Your team depends on you. Success requires that we all work together.  That means we act in the team’s best interest, not just in our own.  We care about getting to the right answer, not just being right.  We listen, empathize with other team members, customers and partners and constantly find better ways to work together.  And ultimately, we know that our whole team depends on each of us.  It’s a joy and a responsibility to be a part of team like this.


Above and beyond

We aim to make every touch point surprisingly delightful.  That means empathizing with our customers, partners and ourselves and understanding their needs, wants and concerns and finding a better way than the status quo.  Sometimes life can throw unexpected challenges our way.  And when faced with adversity, others are surprised how far we go to do the right thing. Underpromise and over-deliver. It’s how we do.